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2024 College Football Championship Props From Legal Online Sports Betting Sites

Washington vs. Michigan odds for championship

The 2024 College Football National Championship is right around the corner and will feature this year’s top two and only remaining undefeated teams, the Michigan Wolverines (#1) vs. the Washington Huskies (#2). 

To celebrate the occasion and offer fans a way to win real money, online sports betting sites provide many proposition (prop) bets for the game. For avid sports bettors, prop bets are a great way to get good value for bets and offer a way to bet on the game without necessarily picking the winner.

The Huskies, led by explosive quarterback and Heisman finalist Michael Penix Jr., are sure to get their passing game started early, and it will be up to the Wolverine’s defense to stop the passing attack. Michigan Quarterback J.J. McCarthy also had a breakout year as he led Big Blue to an undefeated season with wins over Ohio State and Alabama. McCarthy said he meditates to the “frequency of God” to clear his head before games. 

Both Washington and Michigan won close games that led them to the big dance, and now there is only one more obstacle to overcome for each team.

Is It Legal To Bet On The 2024 College Football National Championship?

Yes, no federal laws prevent citizens of the United States from betting on college football online. The United States federal government has left it up to the states to decide if their residents can participate in online gambling. Only one state has outright banned online gambling (Washington). However, many online sportsbooks can still be accessed in the state.

Prop Bets For Michigan vs. Washington

There are many ways to bet on the National Championship gamebut props are arguably one of the best ways to lock in action with good returns. Below, we have hand-picked some prop bets with good value for our readers.


  • Washington TD   +185 
  • Washington FG +500 
  • Washington Any Other Score +5000 
  • Michigan TD +135 
  • Michigan FG +475 
  • Michigan Any Other Score +5000


  • Washington to win by 1-6 pts +425 
  • Washington to win by 7-12 pts +750 
  • Washington to win by 13-18 pts +1200 
  • Washington to win by 19-24 pts +2000 
  • Washington to win by 25-30 pts +3500 
  • Washington to win by 31-36 pts +5000


  • Yes +1100 
  • No -2500


  • 00-20 pts +5500 
  • 21-30 pts +1950 
  • 31-40 pts +700 
  • 41-50 pts +330 
  • 51-60 pts +230 
  • 61-70 pts +350 
  • 71+ pts +340

*The odds found above can be wagered on at BetUS

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