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Casino Control Commission Confirms Universal Ohio Sportsbook Launch Date

Ohio sportsbooks to launch by 2023 according to the Casino Control Board

Many are giddy with anticipation at the prospect of legal online sports betting in Ohio. Ever since Gov. Mike DeWine signed off on the state gambling expansion last December, lawmakers and local officials have been pushing for a swift start.

Fall Start Proves To Be False

Just a few weeks ago, a variety of media outlets were reporting that Ohio’s sportsbooks would launch operations sometime in October. 

State senators Niraj Antani and Kirk Schuring told journalists that the state’s gaming commission was on track to do so, taking advantage of the busy fall season. 

But the Ohio Casino Control Commission was quick to dissolve these rumors, asserting that more time is needed to ensure a secure and stable experience for bettors.

Given the sheer scope of the state’s sports betting laws, it makes sense. OH is preparing to disburse up to 3,000 operator licenses across nine categories. This process, alone, requires arduous and diligent work.

The Push Behind A Universal Launch

When Gov. DeWine authorized in-state betting, he did so under the condition that sportsbooks would be made available to the public by January 1, 2023. 

Now, the Ohio Casino Control Commission has confirmed that it will not launch operations until the first of the year—making use of every available workday up until the deadline. 

Some have criticized the commission for going against a staggered start. But spokeswoman Jessica Frank responded to these claims, telling reporters that a universal launch was essential to minimizing errors and ensuring an equal playing field for operators. She said, 

“The businesses themselves need that certainty about when it’s going to start because they’ve got to get their facilities ready,”

“They’ve got to hire staff. They’ve got to get them trained. They’ve got to get them licensed when needed. So, for them, having that universal start date where they know they have that time, it’s also going to be important for them as well.”

Bringing In The New Year Betting

If you ask us, it’s worth the wait. A successful launch is always better than a mid-grade early start. If the extra time provides operators clearance to work out software kinks and improve facilities, missing a couple key games is well-warranted. 

But if you’re yearning to get your game on, don’t worry! There’s still plenty of legal mobile sportsbook options for bettors to place their wagers in the meantime. 

We have a wide variety of online sportsbook reviews for interested players to check out. Because we only support the most reputable operators, you can trust that whatever book you choose will offer a secure experience. 

Source: WCPO

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