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NFL Betting Odds For Which Team Beats The Cardinals And The First Lions Victory

NFL odds for Cardinals loss betting on Lions win

Kyler Murray is leading the odds to become the Most Valuable Player in the NFL this season, and his Arizona Cardinals are currently resting atop the NFC West with a perfect 6-0 record.

Murray and the Cardinals are winning with flair, seeming to turn up the heat and play their best when facing their toughest opponents, and now NFL betting sites are offering odds for the franchise that will be the first to add a blemish to Arizona’s record in 2021.

Arizona Cardinals First Loss Of The Regular Season

  • Green Bay Packers +135
  • San Francisco 49ers +250
  • Seattle Seahawks +700
  • Carolina Panthers +800
  • Houston Texans +900
  • Chicago Bears +2200
  • Los Angeles Rams +2500
  • Dallas Cowboys +4000
  • Detroit Lions +5000
  • Indianapolis Colts +5000
  • No Regular Season Losses +6500

The Cardinals face the Houston Texans this Sunday, and the above +900 NFL moneyline odds for Arizona to drop their first game of the season to them suggests an unlikely outcome.

Leading the odds are the Green Bay Packers who will match up against Arizona in one week on Thursday Night Football. Betting on the Green Bay Packers will net NFL gamblers $1.35 for each dollar risked, and the odds imply a roughly 43% chance that it will occur.

If the Cardinals can win against the Packers in Week 8, their next test may be against the Los Angeles Rams on December 13th, a team that they’ve already beaten by a score of 37-20 in Week 4.

On the opposite end of the spectrum this NFL season is the Detroit Lions. They are winless after six games, although they’ve played opponents close well into the fourth quarter.

The following NFL prop bet is accepting action on the first team that loses to the Lions this season, and the Philadelphia Eagles are the current leaders with a +180 moneyline.

Detroit Lions First Win Of The Season

  • Philadelphia Eagles +180
  • Chicago Bears +500
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +550
  • Los Angeles Rams +800
  • No Wins In Regular Season +850
  • Minnesota Vikings +1100
  • Cleveland Browns +1400
  • Denver Broncos +2000
  • Arizona Cardinals +2500
  • Atlanta Falcons +2800
  • Green Bay Packers +5000
  • Seattle Seahawks +5000

Detroit has lost two games by a margin of 2 points this season to the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings. It is only a matter of time before they reel off a win against an NFL team, and the Eagles are as likely of a mark as any.

The betting odds for the Chicago Bears do stand out and should be considered. If the Lions lose to the Eagles, the Bears represent the next beatable opponent on their schedule, and those 5-to-1 payouts should have any NFL gambler salivating.

The Bears beat the Lions by 10 the first go-round in Week 4, but the second game in the series will be hosted by Detroit.

There is the potential for the Detroit Lions to go winless for the entire 2021-22 NFL Season, and that could indeed become a reality if they cannot muster a win against Chicago or Philadelphia.

The +850 NFL odds on a winless Lions team in 2021-22 can earn bettors $850 for each $100 they lay on that outcome. If you’re a Detroit fan, it may be the only way to earn some coin on a Lions “win” this year.

If you want to place an NFL bet on either of the above lines, they can be found at Bovada Sportsbook.

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