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How To Bet On Super Bowl 56 In California, Legally

legally betting on Super Bowl 56 odds in California LA Los Angeles SoFi

Super Bowl 56 will be played on Sunday at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California, but is there a legal avenue to participate in the single biggest betting day of the year inside the Golden State?

More dollars are wagered on odds produced for Super Bowl betting than any other single sporting event of the year, but California sportsbooks have yet to receive approval from the state legislature.

While regional gamblers await domestic options, there are legal avenues for sports betting in California that allow for 18 and over customers to lay some action on Super Bowl odds from PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones – offshore sportsbook sites.

All of the online sports betting sites that we link to within our pages here at SBL base their operations in legal gaming jurisdictions that fall outside of the authority of California and the federal government.

That means they are able to offer NFL betting to 18 and over customers inside of California and the remainder of the United States, including Super Bowl 56 odds and props that number in the thousands.

The issue of domestic sports betting in California will be put to a vote this November as a ballot initiative will allow for citizens of CA to weigh in on if they want sportsbooks to exist in their neck of the woods.

If the vote for California sports betting passes favorably, the tax intake of 10% will be split as follows:

  • 70% General California Tax Fund
  • 15% California Department of Health (dedicated to controlling problem gaming within CA)
  • 15% Bureau of Gambling Control (enforcement of sports betting regulation)

The legal minimum age to bet on sports in California has already been set at 21 years of age if voters pass the constitutional amendment in November.

The current language on the ballot initiative only allows for in-person betting on sports at tribal gaming facilities that dot the state’s landscape and offers no mobile sportsbook exception.

The above two components of the potential CA sports gambling amendment grant offshore sportsbook sites significant advantages. When California sports bettors opt for an offshore book, they can do so a full three years younger than the domestic CA venues will permit.

Also, with no online or mobile sports betting option on the table, California gamblers will be forced to travel in order to partake in wagering on Super Bowl odds or any other major athletic contest.

Area bettors have the California Nations Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA) to thank for the current arrangement, as their intrusion into the legislative process in 2020 has set the stage for the future of CA sports gambling.

Those that are interested in betting on sports in Los Angeles for Super Bowl LVI should look no further than the offshore NFL sportsbook sites we link to here at SBL.

The online sportsbooks that top our list of Super Bowl betting site reviews can be accessed using iPhones and Android devices, even from within SoFi Stadium if so desired, and will remain the top NFL gambling options even after California gets their act together.

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