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A Letter to the Bookie: How Sports Betting Earned Me Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin soccer betting


My name is Mezzo Parks and this is an open letter detailing my experience with offshore sports betting.

I started working with Sportsbetting.Legal a few months ago with virtually no sports betting experience whatsoever. Throughout my training, I quickly became accustomed to the climate.

Despite learning the ins and outs of legal sports betting, I was lacking real-world experience with the industry. In many ways, I felt that I couldn’t write about sports betting without engaging first-hand. The idea of placing online bets was highly enticing, but I couldn’t shake this sense of reluctance.

Sports betting is intimidating. The rhetoric on the subject is largely dominated by stories of either big-money high rollers or penniless schmucks. In reality, sports bettors (and their wagers) come in all shapes and sizes.

After unnecessarily long deliberation, I finally worked up the courage to place a bet.

Here’s How It Went

My focus was initially drawn towards soccer, the only sport that I thoroughly understood. Fortunately, my desire to place a bet coincided with the CONEMBOL’s Copa America. The tournament had multiple active betting lines with teams I was familiar with.

The soonest game I could bet on was Colombia v. Venezuela. Immediately, I began researching stats and highlights for both. Each of the betting lines I saw favored Colombia, but it didn’t add up to me. By no means did I expect Venezuela to win, but I didn’t think Colombia would be able to come out on top.

I wrote and published my very first sports article for SBL, detailing my research and conclusions about the match. While I was excited to place a bet right then and there, risking any type of money put knots in my belly.

It wasn’t until the first 10 minutes of the game that I even got the guts to do it. Within minutes, I made an account at Bovada Sportsbook and put $25 on a draw. From there, I just sat back and watched the game play out in my favor. I made $100.

Of course, hindsight bias made me wish I had bet more. However, I soon realized that I could further capitalize on this little bet of mine.

Grow Through Crypto

Offshore sportsbooks typically offer several primary ways of withdrawing winnings: checks, bank wire transfers, vouchers, or cryptocurrency. I initially just wanted the $100 check, but most sites charge high premiums to mail a check. I wasn’t sure whether I would decide to place another sports bet, so a voucher wouldn’t be ideal.

After a discussion with my peers at SBL, I decided to withdraw my funds in crypto, of which there were several options: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Ethereum. At first, it seemed complicated─ I just wanted my hundred bucks!

My limited scope of the crypto world had left me under the assumption that I needed a high-functioning, data mining device to participate.

I was incredibly misinformed; all you need is a standard mobile device and a crypto wallet.

Crypto wallet accounts are incredibly secure and can be made in just a few minutes. From there, withdrawals are a remarkably simple process.

All you have to do is copy your unique receiving address into the withdrawal page. Within 24 hours, the withdrawal is processed, and you own some crypto!

As someone unfamiliar with investments and the stock market, owning some Litecoin feels empowering. It is a small piece of savings that I just get to watch as it grows. There’s no middleman, no complicated jargon, and no requirement to understand the blockchain in the slightest.

Honestly, I haven’t placed any soccer bets since the Colombia game. Nonetheless, there’s $10 left in my account to play around with. I’d like to continue placing casual bets and growing my crypto portfolio. I’ve found it to be the easiest way to acquire cryptocurrency.

You just have to remember to contain yourself and hold out when watching the day-to-day dips and jumps. Just like anything else, it’s all ebb and flow.

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