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Astros Win Game 2 And Pull Even In World Series – Odds For Braves Suggest Game 3 Win

MLB betting odds for 2021 World Series Braves Astros
  • The World Series Is Tied Up At 1-1 Entering Game 3
  • Atlanta Braves Favored To Win Game 3 By 1.5 Runs
  • Houston Astros Still Favored To Win 2021 World Series
  • Game 3 Begins Tonight On FOX At 8 PM

The 2021 World Series is all tied up after two games, and although the Atlanta Braves are favored to win Game 3, online MLB betting sites are predicting that the Houston Astros will be the first to reach four total victories and claim pro baseball’s ultimate prize.

Houston Astros @ Atlanta Braves

  • Spread: Astros +1.5, Braves -1.5
  • Moneyline: Astros +104, -114
  • Over/Under: 8.5
  • Starting Pitchers: Astros – L. Garcia (R), Braves – Ian Anderson (R)

Combining the over/under and the point spread creates a final Game 3 projection of Atlanta Braves 5, Houston Astros 3, and if those predictions play out, the National League Champions will carry a 2-game lead into Game 4 which occurs tomorrow night in Truist Park.

The first two contests of the 2021 Series have featured blowouts, with both being decided by 4 or more runs, so why are World Series betting sites so convinced that Game 3 will be a nail-biter?

Also, with Atlanta favored to win Game 3 and then host Game 4 with a 2-1 lead, why are the Braves not expected to win the entire World Series in 2021?

MyBookie has posted the following MLB prop bet that allows action on exactly how and when the 2021 World Series will end.

2021 MLB World Series Betting Odds For Exact Result

  • Astros 4-2 +325
  • Astros 4-3 +350
  • Braves 4-2 +425
  • Braves 4-3 +450
  • Astros 4-1 +525
  • Braves 4-1 +675

The top option in the above MLB futures odds assumes a 4-2 World Series win for the Houston Astros, meaning that tonight’s victory by the Braves will be their last.

Part of their rationale is based on right-handed starting pitcher Ian Anderson of the Braves. Although he shares a name with the lead singer to 70s rock band Jethro Tull, the only “Fire At Midnight” will be created by air to bat friction as opponents furiously swing and miss at his deadly late-breaking curveball.

For Game 4 and onward, the Braves will struggle to get healthy in their bullpen as their staff aces are already sporting sore arms. However, if you’re a savvy gambler that has faith in Atlanta and believes they’ll not only win tonight, but win the World Series, betting odds will payout big if the exact outcome is wagered on.

For instance, a $1 bet on the Atlanta Braves to win the World Series in 7 games over the Astros will earn MLB gamblers $4.50. If you’re confident that the Braves will roll the Astros and not allow them to win another game, then that dollar can turn into $6.75, but only if you place a wager right now.

The reason? The MLB odds posted at the sportsbooks featured in our top betting site reviews will decrease those odds following tonight’s results.

That means the potential payouts will not be as high tomorrow morning, but no worries, you’ve got plenty of time to bet on the Braves before the end of tonight’s Game 3 of the World Series.

There’s also time for World Series bettors that want to gamble on the Houston Astros because the sportsbooks are already projecting them to lose tonight yet win the entire ball of wax.


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