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Cross-Sport Super Bowl Prop Bets vs. NHL, The Masters, Kentucky Derby, and NBA Odds

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A burgeoning trend our staff has noticed in this year’s crop of Super Bowl prop bets is the addition of cross-sport odds that tie in wagers associated with other professional sports occurring on the same weekend as the big game.

The National Hockey League will feature four games on February 13th, the same day as Super Bowl 56. Betting odds offering NHL vs. NFL moneylines on Super Bowl Sunday are 0n the boards now and accepting action.

Super Bowl vs. NHL Odds: What Will be Higher?

  • Total Goals in NHL February 13th -140
  • 1st Half Total Points in Super Bowl LVI +110

The above odds for betting on the NHL suggest that the total amount of goals scored by the 8 participating pro hockey teams this Sunday will be in excess of the total amount of points scored by the two Super Bowl teams in the first half of SB LVI.

Super Bowl vs. NBA Odds: What Will be Higher?

  • Rams Total Touchdowns in Super Bowl LVI -140
  • Trae Young Total 3 point FG Made against Celtics +110

There will be two pro basketball games played this Sunday, and the above prop for NBA betting implies that the Los Angeles Rams will score more touchdowns against the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI than the number of three-pointers Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks will hit against the Boston Celtics.

Super Bowl vs. Masters Betting Odds: What Will be Higher?

  • Joe Burrow Total Passing Yards in SB LVI -115
  • Winning Score in 2022 Masters at Augusta -115

Buyer beware on the above cross-sport prop as it includes betting on the Masters Tournament which doesn’t wrap up until April 10th. The -115 moneyline for each option implies that Joe Burrow’s Super Bowl 56 passing yards and the winning score of the 2022 Masters will be very close to the same number.

Super Bowl vs. Kentucky Derby Betting Odds: What Will Be Higher?

  • Cam Akers (Rams) & Joe Mixon (Bengals) Combined Rushing Yards -140
  • Winning Time At The 2022 Kentucky Derby (In Seconds) +110

Will the two starting running backs for the Rams and the Bengals in Super Bowl 56 combine for more yards than the number of seconds of the winning time for the 2022 Kentucky Derby? The above odds suggest the Mixon and Akers will finish above the winning horse’s time.

Keep in mind that any betting on the Kentucky Derby will not receive payouts until at least May 7th, the day of the race.

The above cross-sport prop bets for Super Bowl 56 are just a portion of the hundreds of options on the boards across the online sportsbooks we endorse here at SBL.

Not only are there dozens more cross-sports odds available now, but there are also thousands of Super Bowl prop bets that cover every angle of the game occurring inside and outside the field of play.

We would advise sticking to only the SB prop bets that will receive action on February 13th to avoid any lengthy layovers between placing the wager and collecting your winnings.

However, if you see some Kentucky Derby odds or a betting line on the Masters that seems like a sure win, then there’s no reason not to stick it to the bookie even if it takes a few weeks to collect.  Good luck this Sunday!

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