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Online Sports Betting Bonuses – Which Sportsbook Has The Best Deals?

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone, but there are still good deals to be had if you know where to look.

But that’s the rub: You have to know where to look.

If you’re thinking about joining a legal online sportsbook, for example, one of the main attractors – beyond a given site’s online bet funding menu – is going to be the bonuses that it offers.

To that end, all three of the biggest sportsbooks we recommend – Bovada, MyBookie, and BetOnline – have dramatically different online gambling bonuses to choose from, all with different terms and conditions to be aware of.

So, if online betting promos are what you’re after in choosing a primary US sportsbook site, we discuss the most popular trio’s plans here.

This is a brief overview, of course, so if you want more in-depth discussion of each vendor’s promotions and wagering requirements, you’ll want to check out the linked online sportsbook reviews for each one.

Bovada – Limited Bonuses, Low Rollovers, Best For New Bettors

Bovada bonuses are the most limited in the business, which – given how highly regarded the site is across the board – might be surprising to some potential members.

However, there’s a method to the madness, and we explain more in our full Bovada Sportsbook review. The long and the short of it is simply this: Bovada strongly favors quality over quantity.

New members are offered a single Bovada signup bonus, which is a 50% deposit match promo worth up to $250 when using standard banking options. If you deposit with Bitcoin or another supported cryptocurrency, you’ll get a 75% match of up to $750.

Both of these bonuses come with 5X rollovers, and there’s a standard six-month time limit to meet the terms and conditions.

Bovada does not offer account reload bonuses unless you join their free Premium Bitcoin-Exclusive Membership tier and make all your deposits using crypto or vouchers/player transfers.

TL;DR: Bovada promos are best for casual, small-dollar gamblers who want to take their time and bet less regularly than more serious gamblers.

MyBookie – Bigger Bonuses, Moderate Rollovers, Best Value For All Bettors

MyBookie is a truly unique legal gambling site, as you can see from our MyBookie Sportsbook review.

But in addition to having the most divergent and potentially valuable odds on offer (making it a must-have service for sports betting line shoppers in particular), MyBookie also has the most player-friendly bonus structure.

There are several different welcome and reload bonuses to choose from, and the rollover requirements for each range from 1X to 10X (though most new players will likely go for MyBookie promos in the 1X to 5X range, of which there are several).

The site’s My Free Bets rewards program is also one of the best in the business, adding more free plays to each gambler’s online bankroll in the form of 1X cash bonuses.

In all, there are at least half a dozen MyBookie sports betting bonuses to choose from at any given time, and these bonuses do not expire (though you cannot claim any associated payouts until all rollover requirements are met).

TL;DR: MyBookie promos are the best in the business from an overall value standpoint. If quantity and quality are what you’re after, MyBookie bonuses represent the “sweet spot.”

BetOnline – Biggest Bonuses, Highest Rollovers, Best For Avid Bettors

If you want to hit the ground running and intend to bet frequently, one look at our BetOnline review will show you that the time-tested operator has the biggest and best bonuses in the industry.

New members get up to $1000 in bonus free plays at a 50% match rate when making non-crypto deposits, while crypto depositors score the same amount at a 100% match rate.

BetOnline also has both standard reload bonuses for life (25% match) and crypto reload bonuses for life (35% match), which are perks that no other sites offer.

The downside to all this free money, however, is that BetOnline bonuses are limited to 30 days before they expire, and they have generally higher rollovers than other sites’ promotions.

For example, BetOnline welcome bonuses have 10X rollovers for traditional banking methods and 14X rollovers for crypto, while traditional and crypto reload bonuses carry 5X and 8X rollovers, respectively.

BetOnline also has a larger selection of event-specific bonuses and seasonal promos than other sites, so you’ll want to check out their Promos page regularly.

TL;DR: BetOnline promos are the biggest out there, but strict terms and conditions (as well as accelerated wagering timelines) make them best suited for avid gamblers. 

Ultimately, there’s really no wrong choice when it comes to picking the sites and bonuses above.

Plus, since we advocate joining multiple different betting sites, it makes sense for most bettors to simply accept the available bonuses at any reputable operator with which they sign up.

Anyway, that’s our two cents.

Of course, with a 100% match bonus, that’s actually our four cents…

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