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Sports betting is back! Odds released for Major League Eating’s BetOnline Quarantine Challenge

Major League Eating BetOnline Quarantine Challenge

Sports and betting are like hot dogs and buns—Sure, they could be separated, but why try to break up something that’s already perfect together?

But with limited legal sports betting due to COVID-19, fans and bettors alike have been starving for anything to watch or wager on during the darkest of times in the sports and gambling world.

Thankfully, Major League Eating and BetOnline have cooked up a solution and are delivering the goods with the first real pro sporting event during the coronavirus pandemic as well as some entertaining betting odds for who will win. Snacks are TBD.

MLE and BetOnline announced Wednesday the professional competitive eating league would resume competition on Friday for the launch of the “BetOnline Quarantine Challenge”—a new March Madness bracket-inspired eating elimination tournament.

“Competitive eating is most powerful when conducted on-stage in front of a large audience, but it is also one of the few sports that professionals can perform from the confines of their own home,” said MLE Chairman George Shea in the league’s press release. “While there has been substantial discussion about which professional sport would be the first to return – with baseball, basketball, golf, and MMA all floating recent potential return plans – competitive eating is first to come back. It is a powerful statement of American resilience.”

Dave Mason, brand manager of the highly-rated BetOnline sportsbook, said partnering with MLE for the Quarantine Challenge gives fans of sports and betting some entertainment during the global pandemic.

“We all find ourselves in an unprecedented space,” Mason said. “Unfamiliar problems often require unfamiliar solutions. Hence the birth of this event. Many are familiar with the July Fourth event, but few realize that these athletes compete regularly and treat this as an actual sporting league. Our goal is to showcase the talents and skills possessed by the competitors while offering fans the chance to cheer on their favorites.”

MLE BetOnline Quarantine Challenge Details

An Elite Eight of eaters will face off against each other in the comfort of their own homes. Competitors will video stream rounds, and the entire live broadcast can be watched for free on the official MLE YouTube Channel starting at 7 PM ET on Friday, April 17.

The eight competitive eaters participating in the Quarantine Challenge are as follows:

  • Joey Chestnut ‒ No.1 ranked eater in the world, 12-time winner of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
  • Miki Sudo ‒ The No. 1-ranked female eater in the world
  • Matt Stonie ‒ 255 Peeps in five minutes
  • Darron Breeden ‒ 528 oysters in eight minutes
  • Badlands Booker ‒ World-renowned chugging champion
  • Gideon Oji ‒ 25 lbs of kale salad in eight minutes
  • Michelle Lesco ‒ 176 gyoza in 10 minutes
  • Nick Wehry ‒ 11 lbs of strawberry shortcake in eight minutes

There will be four rounds featuring four different types of food:

  • Qualifying Round: Sliced Bologna – two pounds
  • Quarterfinals: Milk and Cookies – one family pack of Oreos, a half-gallon of milk
  • Semifinals: Baked Beans – 1.125 gallons (or 10 pounds)
  • Finals: Ramen Noodles – 10 individual ramen cups

The first-ever quarantined competitive eating competition will have a prize pool of $11,500, and $5,000 will go to the winner. MLE and BetOnline will each donate $10,000 to Feeding America.

BetOnline’s odds favor Joey Chestnut

And what kind of competition would this be if people couldn’t chow down and bet on sports legally while watching the world’s best eaters delete food with their digestive system?

The good folks at BetOnline know bettors are hungry for sports betting, which is why they put out a buffet of entertaining prop bets for the stream-only smorgasbord spectacular.

Hot dog eating legend Joey Chestnut is listed at -110 and is the odds-on favorite to win the inaugural quarantine challenge.

But without Nathan’s Famous weiners on the menu, can Chestnut fend off the hungriest stars in the world of professional eating? Or will a new devourer rise above the field and scarf down both him and the competition.

Below you can feast on all the betting odds and propositions that are initially available for Major League Eating’s BetOnline Quarantine Challenge. And if you give compliments to the chef oddsmaker, there’s sure to be a second helping of MLE betting odds in the near future (and maybe some dessert too).

Odds to win MLE BetOnline Quarantine Challenge

Entertainment Specials from BetOnline Sportsbook

Quarantine Eating Challenge Odds

  • Joey Chestnut -110
  • Matt Stonie +350
  • Darron Breeden +500
  • Gideon Oji +900
  • Miki Sudo +1000
  • Michelle Lesco +1200
  • Nick Wehry +1200
  • Eric Booker +2000

Will any eater vomit?

  • No -1600
  • Yes +800

Will Joey Chestnut make the finals?

  • Yes -175
  • No +145

Will Matt Stonie make the finals?

  • No -220
  • Yes +180

Round 1 Fastest Time

  • Joey Chestnut +120
  • Matt Stonie +325
  • Darron Breeden +400
  • Gideon Oji +750
  • Miki Sudo +1000
  • Nick Wehry +1200
  • Eric Booker +1400
  • Michelle Lesco +1400

Round 1 Slowest Time

  • Eric Booker +250
  • Michelle Lesco +300
  • Miki Sudo +375
  • Nick Wehry +500
  • Darron Breeden +600
  • Gideon Oji +600
  • Matt Stonie +1600
  • Joey Chestnut +2500

Fastest Time to Complete Round 1

  • Under 69 Seconds -120
  • Over 69 Seconds -110

Slowest Time to Complete Round 1

  • Over 95 Seconds -220
  • Under 95 Seconds +180

Round 1 Faster Time

  • Miki Sudo -175
  • Michelle Lesco +145

Round 1 Faster Time

  • Joey Chestnut -285
  • Matt Stonie +225

Round 1 Faster Time

  • Darron Breeden -135
  • Gideon Oji +105

Round 1 Faster Time

  • Nick Wehry -300
  • Eric Booker +240

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