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Elon Musk Betting Odds Set Twitter (X) Subscription Over/Under At $2.99 Per Month

Elon Musk next to the X logo for Twitter and some cash

Elon Musk has announced his intention to begin charging a monthly fee for access to Twitter, or X, as the social media app is now known.

As a result, there are now odds for betting on Elon Musk and the amount that he will charge X subscribers per month. The over/under has been set at a monthly fee of $2.99, with moneyline odds that grant an equal probability of the final cost being higher or lower.

What Price Will Elon Musk Charge Twitter (X) Users Per Month?

  • Over $2.99 -115
  • Under $2.99 -115

In order for this Elon Musk prop bet to pay out, the subscription fee must be activated prior to the end of 2024. If the subscription total of $3 USD is accurate, X could achieve potential revenue in excess of $1.5 billion per month.

The platform’s current total subscriber count of 550 million. These projections are based on best-case-scenario equations and represent the maximum total value when considering current traffic.

Once X becomes a subscription service, a significant portion of users will likely cancel their accounts. There are also bot accounts to consider, a factor that nearly thwarted Musk’s plans to purchase X initially.

Back in April, Musk installed a subscription for access to tweets from his personal account. Over 35,000 subscribers opted for the service at a cost of $4 per month.

Online entertainment sportsbooks have also keyed in on Musk’s company Neuralink which is engineering a computer to brain interface via an implant device.

Odds have been created for the first person to install an Neuralink implant into their skull.

First To Have A Neuralink Brain-Implant

  • Elon Musk -500
  • Jake Paul +2500
  • Jared Leto +3000
  • Justin Timberlake +3000
  • Leonardo DiCaprio +3000
  • MrBeast +3000

While it may seem like a natural fit for Musk to be the first person to try out the new Neuralink, clinical trials on paralysis patients are set to begin soon. The first recipient will likely be a member of the proposed 6-year study.

Traveling to another planet is certainly in the cards for Musk, as his company, Space X, is intent on making space tourism a viable industry. Perhaps that is why Elon is favored to be the first human being to leave the Earth alongside ETs.

First To Leave Earth On A Spacecraft With Extra-Terrestrial Beings

  • Elon Musk +4000
  • Mark Zuckerberg +8000
  • Tom Cruise +8000
  • Bill Gates +10000
  • Donald Trump +10000
  • Dwayne Johnson +10000
  • Jeff Bezos +10000

Musk is also tied in the lead in entertainment prop bets that are predicting which human will be exposed as an alien life form prior to the end of 2024.

To Be Revealed As An Extra-Terrestrial Lifeform Before 2025

  • Elon Musk +7000
  • Kanye West +7000
  • Mark Zuckerberg +7000
  • Joe Biden +8000
  • Howard Stern +10000

Back here on planet Earth, celebrities and high-profile billionaires are dipping their toes into professional sports leagues and purchasing franchises more frequently. It is a legit business endeavor, as most pro sports teams have seen massive increases in value over the past decade.

While he is not in the lead, Elon places highly in following prop for the next new owner of a pro sports team before the end of the year.

Next New Owner Of A US Sports Franchise Before 2024

  • Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenny +600
  • Tom Brady +800
  • Any Kardashian +700
  • Tom Cruise +900
  • Tiger Woods +900
  • Elon Musk +1000

Before you place a bet on any of the above Elon Musk odds, be mindful of the timeframe involved for completion because no money can be gained until that time.


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