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DraftKings and Fan Duel: Sports Betting is Dead in Florida if Amendment 3 Passes

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Don’t bet on sports betting coming to Florida anytime soon if Amendment 3 passes.

The two largest daily fantasy sports organizations, DraftKings and Fan Duel, sent out emails to Florida patrons, telling them why Florida Amendment 3 is misleading and that sports betting likely would never come to Florida as a result if it passes.

Under Florida Amendment 3, Florida voters would have the sole right to decide on sports betting and other forms of gambling in the state, which innately sounds like a good thing.

However, this amendment would prevent the Florida State Legislature from being able to make or pass any laws relating to casinos, gambling, or sports betting, and essentially be the nail in the coffin for all three ever coming to Florida.

The amendment requires citizens to gather signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot and must:

  • Equal to 8% of voters in the previous presidential election
  • Have at least 8% of voters in half (14) of the state’s districts (27)

A total of 9,956,568 people voted in Florida for president in 2016, which means if the amendment passes, for Florida to propose anything relating to sports betting to future ballots would require a minimum of 796,525 Florida residents to sign an initiative. This doesn’t even account for getting 8% in at least 14 districts as well, so it’s safe to say sports betting would be dead in Florida.

Florida Amendment 3 was put on the ballot by the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC). The Florida CRC is a 37-member commission that meets every 20 years to present new amendments to the state constitution and send it directly to the public ballot.

Florida is the only state with such a commission, and all 37 members of the 2017-2018 commission were appointed by Gov. Rick Scott and other Republicans due to the party having control in the Florida House, Senate, and Governor.

Here are the emailed statements from both DraftKings and Fan Duel:


Vote NO on Amendment 3 in Florida!

What is Amendment 3?

  • Amendment 3 would take the power away from the legislature to authorize sports betting in Florida.
  • It pretends to give voters more power, but it is really an attempt to let special interests determine what you can and can’t do with your own hard-earned money.

What happens if Amendment 3 passes?

  • Any attempt to bring sports betting to Florida would be dead in its tracks.
  • Florida would be left behind as other states legalize sports betting.
  • There would be no recourse. Once it passes there is no turning back.

What can I do?

  • Learn more about Amendment 3 at:

Fan Duel

Vote no on Amendment 3 – protect your right to bring sports betting to Florida

Sports Fans,

It’s important to vote NO on Amendment 3 in this election.

Amendment 3 was written to try to deceive you…

It pretends to give voters more power, but the reality is it seeks to make it impossible to bring sports betting to Florida and makes it more difficult to protect your right to play fantasy sports.

States across the country are racing to legalize sports betting, but Amendment 3 would stop any chance of bringing sports betting to Florida dead in its tracks.

Sports fans like you are now able to legally place bets using the FanDuel app in New Jersey, and at locations in West Virginia, Delaware, and Mississippi, with more states coming on soon. And fans LOVE it.

But if Amendment 3 passes, the Legislature will no longer have the power to authorize sports betting in Florida.

Our opponents will also use Amendment 3 to make it more difficult to protect your right to play fantasy sports.

Preserve the opportunity to have legal, engaging, and exciting sports betting in Florida.

Please vote NO on Amendment 3.

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