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2022 Razzie Award Odds: When They Lose, You Win!

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The 2022 Razzie Awards are upon us!

Two years ago, at the height of the coronavirus, the 2020 Razzies were delayed and then basically canceled. While the Razzie nominees and winners were still announced, the show itself was relegated to an online-only presentation that lacked all the kitsch of the typical in-person production.

In 2021, however, things got back on track, and the 2022 Razzies promise to raise the bar – or, rather, lower the bar – back where it belongs.

Right now, only MyBookie Sportsbook has published odds for the 42nd Golden Raspberry Awards, though we expect other legal online sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline to post up their own Razzie betting lines before the show airs on March 26.

With what we can only hope is much, much further adieu:

2022 Razzie Awards Odds


2022 Razzie Awards – Worst Picture

  • “Diana the Musical” -115
  • “Space Jam: A New Legacy” +250
  • “Karen” +350
  • “Infinite” +600
  • “The Woman in the Window” +1000

We didn’t see any of these.

“Diana the Musical” is probably about the aptly named Princess Di and is nearly as annoying as the interruption in programming we experienced during SNL that one night way back when the show was still good.

“Space Jam 2” is probably as awful as the original, so it’s unlikely to have succeeded in establishing any sort of new legacy.

“Karen” is probably about your next door neighbor. Remember that the camera adds 100 pounds.

“Infinite” is probably a movie.

“The Woman in the Window” is probably not as good as the Alfred Hitchcock-Jimmy Stewart vehicle it’s not based on.

That’s all we know.

2022 Razzie Awards – Worst Actor

  • LeBron James (“Space Jam: A New Legacy”) -110
  • Ben Platt (“Dear Evan Hanesen”) +165
  • Mark Wahlberg (“Infinite”) +500
  • Scott Eastwood (“Dangerous”) +1000
  • Roe Hartrampf (“Diana the Musical”) +1200

LeBron all the way. That guy’s a scrub no matter what he does.

It’s about time somebody other than Ken Keeler dunks on him: 

2022 Razzie Awards – Worst Actress

  • Jeanna de Waal (“Diana the Musical”) -135
  • Taryn Manning (“Karen”) +200
  • Amy Adams (“The Women in the Window”) +650
  • Ruby Rose (“Vanquish”) +800
  • Megan Fox (“Midnight in the Switchgrass”) +1000

Two weird thumbs down for the lot of them.

2022 Razzie Awards – Worst Director

  • Christopher Ashley (“Diana the Musical”) -115
  • Stephen Chbosky (“Dear Evan Hansen”) +200
  • Coke Daniels (“Karen”) +400
  • Joe Wright (“The Woman in the Window”) +600
  • Renny Harlin (“The Misfits”) +1000

Coke is a dumb name. We’ll go with that.

2022 Razzie Awards – Worst Prequel, Remake, or Rip-Off

  • “Space Jam: A New Legacy” -400
  • “The Woman in the Window” +350
  • “Karen” +500
  • “Twist” +800
  • “Tom and Jerry” +1000

“Twist” should win, if for no other reason than it really missed the mark. The new script pretty much completely ignored the Michael Crichton source material.

2022 Razzie Awards – Worst Supporting Actor

  • Jared Leto (“House of Gucci”) -140
  • Mel Gibson (“Dangerous”) +140
  • Gareth Keegan (“Diana the Musical”) +500
  • Nick Cannon (“The Misfits”) +1200
  • Ben Affleck (“The Last Duel”) +1200

Mel Gibson for sure. Hollywood hates the guy with a…passion.

2022 Razzie Awards – Worst Supporting Actress

  • Amy Adams (“Dead Evan Hansen”) -140
  • Judy Kaye (“Diana the Musical”) +100
  • Erin Davie (“Diana the Musical”) +700
  • Taryn Manning (“Every Last One of Them”) +700
  • Sophie Cookson (“Infinite”) +1000

We’ve never heard of a single one of these people.

2022 Razzie Awards – Worst Screenplay

  • “Diana the Musical” -270
  • “Karen” +330
  • “The Women in the Window” +800
  • “The Misfits” +1000
  • “Twist” +1200

All of the above.

To give you an idea of the kind of stuff that usually wins Razzies, taking stock of the winners of last year’s 41st Golden Raspberry Awards (announced April 24, 2021) could be just the edge you need if it’s your first time betting on the biggest losers.

Note, of course, that any conservative-leaning personality, movie, or documentary will always be high on the list to win these things (see Mel Gibson above).

So, in addition to honoring shaming straight-up bad art, the Razzies also play the typical Hollywood game of trashing the political right whenever it can.

For example, at the 2019 Razzies, Donald Trump won the Razzie for Worst Actor because a couple of lazy cash-grab documentaries – “Death of a Nation” and “Fahrenheit 11/9” – were hastily slapped together about the then-President and his radical agenda of low unemployment rates and reasonable gas prices.

That kind of thing plays pretty fast and loose with the categories, but it’s something to keep in mind.

(And frankly, if we wanted to bet on political odds, we’d just bet on political odds.)

While these shenanigans shouldn’t play much of a role in the 42nd Golden Raspberry Awards thanks to most recent political documentaries being about Hollywood-friendly COVID profiteers, you might find those creeps hoisting their own Razzies a few years down the road once the world recovers and looks back on the last 30 months or so from behind something less than rose-colored glasses.

Or, perhaps, Vladimir Putin and Russia will just sweep the next 10 Razzie ceremonies.


2021 Razzie Awards Winners

  • Worst Picture – “Absolute Proof” (conservative political documentary)
  • Worst Director – Sia (“Music”)
  • Worst Actor – Mike Lindell (conservative media personality)
  • Worst Actress – Kate Hudson (“Music”)
  • Worst Supporting Actor – Rudy Guiliani (“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” conservative politician)
  • Worst Supporting Actress – Maddie Ziegler (“Music”)
  • Worst Screen Combo – Rudy Giuliani and his pants zipper (“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”)
  • Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel – “Dolittle”
  • Worst Screenplay – “365 Days” by Tomasz Klimala, Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes, and Blanka Lipinska
  • Special Governors’ Award for The Worst Calendar Year EVER – 2020

Happy betting!

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