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Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News – Bet On His Next Move

Tucker Carlson taking an order at McDonalds

In the aftermath of a massive settlement payment to Dominion Voting Systems, Fox News has now terminated Tucker Carlson, the host of their highest-rated program – Tucker Carlson Tonight.

While the Fox vs. Dominion trial was ongoing, several texts from Carlson to his associates at the network were revealed that were in direct contrast to what he was reporting on the air.

Could Carlson’s exodus be a result of a fire sale at Fox News following the settlement, or is it due to his sudden lack of credibility due to his text messages?

“We’re all pretending we’ve got a lot to show for it, because admitting what a disaster it’s been is too tough to digest. But come on. There really isn’t an upside to Trump.”

A Tucker Carlson Text Regarding Donald Trump’s Tenure As President

Odds are now posted at entertainment betting sites that are taking action on Carlson’s next job. The following prop bet is a series of specials that Bovada is offering, with each result being mutually exclusive.

Tucker Carlson Prop Bets

  • Fox To Confirm Tucker Carlson Exit Is Part Of The Dominion Voting Systems Defamation Settlement Terms +200
  • To Get A Permanent Late-Night Talk Show Host Slot This Year +300
  • To Get A Permanent Spotify Video Podcast Slot This Year +500
  • Fox News To NOT Have An Adweek Top Ten Top-Rated Cable News Show For 2023 +1500
  • To Guest-Host The Daily Show This Year +1500
  • To Confirm A Run For US President 2024 (FEC Registered) +1600
  • Tucker Carlson To Get A Permanent Post At CNN & Don Lemon To Get A Permanent Post At Fox This Year +4000
  • To Do A Televised Interview With Oprah Winfrey This Year +6000
  • Bovada.LV

Topping the odds with a +200 moneyline is a forthcoming revelation that Carlson’s exit was part of the settlement agreement between Dominion and Fox. A massive payout is being offered for Carlson appearing for an interview with Oprah Winfrey with 60-to-1 profits on the line.

Both Bovada and BetOnline have posted entertainment prop bets on what Carlson’s next job will be. The position has to be permanent and achieved prior to the end of 2023 to count in either of the following two props.

Tucker Carlson’s Next Permanent Position

  • One America News +175
  • Newsmax +200
  • MSNBC +400
  • NewsNation +900
  • BBC News +2000
  • Russia Today +2000
  • Al. Jazeera +3000
  • Bloomberg Television +3000
  • Blaze TV +4000
  • ESPNews +5000
  • CNN +10000
  • Bovada.LV

Tucker Carlson’s Next Media Job?

  • Rumble +175
  • OANN +175
  • Breitbart +450
  • Newsmax +500
  • Netflix +1600
  • Amazon Prime +2000
  • CBS +2500
  • ABC +2500
  • Truth Social +2500
  • Politico +3000
  • NBC/MSNBC +4000
  • Axios +4000
  • CNN +5000
  • BetOnline.AG

The slight difference in the above props is that Bovada is asking what Carlson’s next job will be, while BetOnline is taking action on his next position in the media spectrum.

Newsmax is listed near the top of the odds in both lines. Meanwhile, Newsmax is reportedly happy about Carlson leaving Fox News, as it is certain to direct additional viewers to their network.

The conservative news channel could make a major splash in the market by bringing Carlson on board for an anchor position. Entertainment gamblers can earn some significant coin by betting on Newsmax, as 2-to-1 and 5-to-1 payouts are currently available.

Online political sportsbooks have taken note of the deflating stock value of Fox News with the following prop asking their closing value this year.

Fox News Closing Stock Price on December 31, 2023

  • Under $25 +175
  • $25 To $29.99 +175
  • $30 To $34.99 +350
  • $35 To $39.99 +500
  • $40 Or Over +500
  • Bovada.LV

As of this writing, FOXA is trading at $32.64. The above financial betting line suggests that another 20% drop in value can be expected between now and December 31st.

Sources – Bovada Review, BetOnline Review, The Guardian, Newsweek, Business Insider, Forbes

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