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Oregon Ducks Win Over Ohio State Places NCAA CFP Odds In Flux

College Football Playoff odds Oregon Ducks 2021-22 sad
  • Oregon Ducks Defeat The Ohio State Buckeyes 35-28
  • Ducks Ranked #4 In Coaches Poll – 6th In NCAAF Title Odds

The Oregon Ducks went on the road to hand the Ohio State Buckeyes their first loss of the season, placing themselves on a path where winning the remainder of their Pac-12 schedule could land them a spot in the College Football Playoffs.

Online sportsbooks that are offering odds for legally betting on the CFP are still not convinced that the Ducks will be one of the final four teams left standing when the College Football Playoff Selection Committee makes their picks this December.

This is not necessarily an indication that Oregon will lose a game or two this season. More than likely, NCAAF oddsmakers are tempering their expectations for the Ducks because of the incredibly probable scenario that Ohio State still makes the CFP over them if they both win the remainder of their contests.

2021-22 College Football Playoff Betting Odds




  • Alabama +175
  • Georgia +325
  • Oklahoma +700
  • Clemson +800
  • Ohio State +900
  • Oregon +2000
  • Texas A&M +3000
  • Florida +3300
  • Penn State +5000
  • Notre Dame +6600
  • Alabama +165
  • Georgia +325
  • Oklahoma +650
  • Clemson +900
  • Ohio State +1000
  • Oregon +2200
  • Texas A&M +2500
  • Florida +4000
  • Notre Dame +5000
  • Penn State +5000
  • Alabama +170
  • Georgia +400
  • Ohio State +550
  • Oklahoma +650
  • Clemson +700
  • Texas A&M +1500
  • Oregon +1600
  • Florida +3300
  • Notre Dame +4000
  • Penn State +4000


Online College Football sportsbooks are unanimous in their top two selections of the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs, both of the SEC. We also agree that two Southeastern Conference teams will be included in the CFP this year, as the SEC now clearly represents the top grouping of NCAAF programs in the nation upon the departure of Trevor Lawrence from the Clemson Tigers (ACC) to the NFL.

Bovada and BetOnline still have confidence in the Clemson Tigers to rebound from their season-opening loss to the Georgia Bulldogs and maintain their status as one of college football’s top teams, but MyBookie has given Ohio State the edge.

The Oklahoma Sooners are also in the top four at all three books, and have arguably the easiest remaining schedule of all CFP contenders. When betting on the NCAAF National Championship, one has to consider the path laid ahead of each team.

Whereas Oregon has a great chance of going undefeated, their strength of schedule based on their conference is considered weaker than Ohio State or Oklahoma’s. Because the Ducks didn’t have to travel as tough of a road to get to the CFP, their potentially flawless season will not be regarded as highly as OU and Ohio State if they make a solid run and also win their Conference Championship Games.

That’s why they play the games, folks, and the uncertainty that is mounting for this college football season is currently providing opportunities for profit at online sports betting sites. Just compare teams one through eleven in the current Coaches Poll to the NCAAF betting odds above for variance.

USA Today NCAAF Coaches Poll

1 Alabama 2-0
2 Georgia 2-0
3 Oklahoma 2-0
4 Oregon 2-0
5 Texas A&M 2-0
6 Clemson 1-1
7 Iowa 2-0
8 Cincinnati 2-0
9 Florida 2-0
10 Notre Dame 2-0
11 Ohio State 1-1

There are only two teams included in the top 11 above that have a loss on their schedule thus far, and that places them well in line to thwart another team’s CFP odds come mid-December.

Sources: Bovada, MyBookie, BetOnline, USA Today

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