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North Carolina To Undergo Legal Sports Betting Expansion

North Carolina will welcome a new retail legal sportsbook operator in time for the NFL season.

North Carolina sports betting is set on the path toward expansion as lawmakers and operators alike look for ways to branch out and grow. 

Anticipate A New Operator In Town

At present, bettors have access to just two state-licensed sportsbooks. Both locations are owned and operated by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in partnership with Harrah’s brand. 

However, the tribe’s hold over in-state sports betting won’t last for much longer. On Friday, it was announced that the Catawba Nation would unveil a third retail wagering location at its Two Kings casino in Cleveland County. 

According to Glen White, a spokesman for Delaware North, casino executives anticipate a swift and speedy launch ahead of the 2022 NFL season’s onset. Bettors in the area won’t have to drive all the way to Harrah’s anymore. 

House Stuck In Disagreement

That isn’t the last of North Carolina’s foreseeable expansions. Legislators are actively working to make state-licensed online gambling options available to all residents. 

However, it has become clear that online betting won’t make its arrival until 2023 or later.

On Wednesday, a packed House nearly secured a sports betting deal to send to the Senate. In a 51-50 vote, the chamber was able to approve S38. Even so, its accompanying bill S688 was unable to achieve the same support—effectively killing them both.

The online gambling measures would have made way for the entrance of national sportsbook conglomerates and developed a tax framework. 

Sportsbook Legislation To Carry Over

With up to 12 operators and a revenue collection rate of 14%, the state would be on track to become a fully-fledged sportsbook provider. Still, some thought the legislation fell short of expectations.

Negotiating the terms of use for in-state legal mobile sports betting apps has always proven to be a lengthy and difficult task. Even with a finish line in clear view, lawmakers have been unable to come to a consensus on this significant issue.

For now, the hope is that the bill will be revived during the 2023 legislative session. After all, North Carolina’s legislature stipulates a 60-day schedule for even-numbered years and a 135-day schedule during odd-numbered years. 

Perhaps the extra time will allow for progress on the matter. 

The Future For NC Sports Betting

Despite its 2019 authorization of tribal wagering, North Carolina has been slow to catch up with other legal sports betting states. Its restrictive, retail-only format has impeded the ability of players to participate. 

Moreover, the state has yet to collect any revenue from its sports betting endeavors. Lawmakers in North Carolina did not negotiate for a return on revenues when amending the state’s gaming compacts. 

Until new gambling laws are passed in the state, North Carolinians are limited to retail betting with in-state tribes. Fortunately, these folks can still access offshore sportsbooks from almost any device. 

With the functionality and security of a state-licensed operator, bettors don’t have to wait on their representatives to start wagering. If you’re interested in learning more, head to any of the tabs in the ribbon above. 

Source: The Center Square

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