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Legally Betting On YNW Melly’s Murder Trial Outcome

YNW Melly and his attorney

The ever-expanding spectrum of entertainment betting has now grown to include verdict odds for YNW Melly’s ongoing double murder trial in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jamell “Melly” Demons, aka YNW Melly, is accused of gunning down two associates in cold blood on October 26, 2018. He’s been behind bars awaiting trial since February 2019, and while in jail, he’s managed to continue his burgeoning hip-hop career over the web.

If he’s found guilty, he could face the death penalty. If he receives a verdict of not guilty, Demons will go on to a multi-million-dollar recording career. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Melly was 19 at the time of his alleged crimes and is now 24 years old.

Two entertainment prop bets have appeared online that are now taking action on whether or not he’ll be found guilty before the end of 2023.

YNW Melly’s Odds Of Guilt Or Innocence

  • Guilty -165
  • Not Guilty +120
  • Odds @ BetUS

YNW Melly’s Trial Outcome Odds

  • Guilty -165
  • Not Guilty +125
  • Odds @ BetOnline

Either of the above YNW Melly props will be voided if the results of the double murder trial become public prior to placing a bet. These prop bets will be losers no matter which side you lay your action on if the trial lasts into 2024.

While the odds are fairly close to even for both outcomes, the probabilities suggest there is a 62% chance of Melly being found guilty when the final verdict is rendered.

Both betting lines are similar, but there is room to shop the odds for a better payout on a not-guilty outcome. Five extra cents on the dollar can be earned by betting on “Not Guilty” at BetOnline as opposed to BetUS.

Betting on YNW Melly being found guilty will payout the same at both books, so where you place your wagers depends on which site you prefer.

What’s currently hurting Melly’s defense are text messages that mention violence in the days leading up to the murders.

He claims that his two friends were murdered in a drive-by shooting – an ordeal that he survived. Bullet paths and accounts are not lining up, which could spell doom for Melly’s legal strategy.

Melly’s cause is aided by the fact that no murder weapon has been found after nearly five years. Without a smoking gun in hand, a glimmer remains for Melly once again becoming a free man.

If you want to bet on either of these two YNW Melly betting lines, do so at once because entertainment odds are infamous for vanishing without notice.


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