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Kick Betting: New Twitch Rival Inspires Odds On If MrBeast Will Create A Channel

MrBeast and a Kick logo

The popular streaming platform Twitch is now facing a major competitor in Kick, a new service that offers more perks to their content creators. Twitch has long been the host of simulated sports games that entertainment sportsbooks use to produce odds on sims and eSports, but it appears that Kick is poised for market superiority and is in it for the long haul.

Visitors to Kick’s website will instantly notice that the layout is nearly identical to Twitch. The similarities end when comparing revenue sharing percentages from each platform.

Twitch currently divides revenue with content creators on a 50-50 split. Kick allows for their content creators to keep 95% of the revenue, but there have already been some repercussions because of this enormous share.

Kick’s Twitter account has revealed that they will now feature ads on their platform to make up for financial shortages that this split is causing.

Entertainment prop bets are now on the boards asking whether certain social media influencers with massive followings will live stream on Kick.

Kick Prop Bets

  • MrBeast To Live-Stream For Kick In 2023 +200
  • Kai Cenat To Announce An Exclusive Streaming Deal With Kick In 2023 -150

MrBeast has the most subscribers on YouTube. His videos range from philanthropy, giveaways, competitions, reactions, and his viewership grows each day. It doesn’t stop there. He’s opened MrBeast Burger, a ghost kitchen chain that has dozens of locations around the country.

Food products created by MrBeast are now lining the shelves of WalMart. His is a buegeoning empire that shows no signs of slowing down. But will he sign up for a Kick account and stream a video or two?

The above prop bet suggests that he will refrain from posting any Kick videos, at least not before 2024 or later. His +200 moneyline reflects a 1-in-3 probability of him joining Kick before 2023 is over, and will payout at a rate of 2-to-1 if it happens.

Kai Cenat has more followers than any other content creator on Twitch. His comedic videos were first uploaded to YouTube but he’s since moved over to Twitch where his channel has blossomed into the most popular on the network.

Unlike MrBeast, most of Kai Cenat’s revenue is Twitch-based. This is probably why his odds are favorable to join Kick prior to New Year’s Eve of 2023. Cenat’s -150 moneyline suggests a probability of 60% that he live streams on Kick before 2024.

The lack of moderation when comparing Kick to Twitch has created hesitancy to jump ship in some creators. While total freedom is nice, it does open the door for potential hate speech, sexual content, and other types of media considered no-no’s by other providers.

If gamblers intend to bet on the above prop, just keep in mind that payouts will not occur until one or the other creates a Kick account and streams a video. The sites included in our online sportsbook reviews will honor all bets made until a conclusion is reached, even if the lines are removed before it happens.

Source – Bloomberg, Bovada

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