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Legal Sports Betting In Kansas On Fast Track For Passage In 2022 Session

Kansas Jayhawk mascot celebrating the passage of legal sports betting in KS in 2022

The 2022 legislative session for the state of Kansas does not conclude until May 20th, but it appears that both the Senate and Statehouse are in agreement on the passage of a legal sports betting bill that closely resembles the language present in 2021’s bill.

In 2021, the KS Senate favorably passed legal sports betting in Kansas but the Statehouse was unable to mirror those efforts and usher in domestic sportsbook operations.

The appetite for legal sports betting has increased in Topeka, but what is on the table for area gamblers?

House Bill 2740: Kansas Sports Betting

If Kansas sports betting is approved and signed into law, mobile sportsbook apps and gambling on ballgames using laptops and PCs will be allowed.

All activities will be governed and administrated by the Kansas State Lottery, and appear to have the authority to permit the placement of electronic sportsbook kiosks. The Kansas Lottery will retain the right to forbid wagering on events or games and shut down any lines offered within the state at the time of their choosing.

Professional sports teams will be allowed to enter into marketing agreements with sportsbook entities, but as there are no pro teams in Kansas, the inclusion of such a provision may be intended for major franchises in neighboring regions.

Horse race betting would become legal if HB2740 is passed, and the region’s racetracks would be an ideal location for sports betting kiosks to reside.  The bill describes the kiosks as “horse race machines.”

Will Kansas Sports Betting Become Legal?

All signs are pointing to the passage of House Bill 2740 by both the House and Senate, but what has caused such a favorable shift in collective opinions on the matter over the last 12 months?

At the moment, the Kansas Jayhawks are among the final 16 teams still alive in the 2022 March Madness Tournament that will determine the College Basketball National Champion. Lawmakers are well aware that betting on the Sweet 16 is occurring in Kansas, but none of that money is being directed toward the tax collector’s office.

Offshore sports betting sites are able to allow 18 and over gamblers inside the state of Kansas to join as a member and wager on pro and college sports around the globe without violating any KS or federal laws.

This loophole lets Kansas sports gamblers partake in offshore sports betting using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, with capabilities for placing wagers on the Kansas Jayhawks, NFL games, the Super Bowl, and more.

Kansas lawmakers also have nearby legal sports betting states to contend with as well. For instance, Kansas residents merely need to travel inside the borders of neighboring Colorado to take advantage of their online betting apps.

Nebraska has also approved of legal sports betting but has yet to deliver on that promise despite a proposed opening date of early to mid 2022.

Kansas is now playing catch-up ball but they appear to be using the playbook that states have utilized before them. They’re laying the groundwork by working smarter, not harder, and that approach could have KS bettors downloading the Lottery’s sports gambling app sooner than later. Check back for more developments in legal Kansas sports betting.

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