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How To Set A Super Bowl Prop Bet Schedule

a family watching Super Bowl 57 with a prop bet schedule

New bettors cruising through the massive ocean of Super Bowl prop bets for the very first time will be inclined to indulge in as many as possible. We’ve been there.

What many don’t consider at first is the timing of when these SB props will conclude. By being mindful of the Super Bowl bet schedule, online gamblers can make the action last all night long.

Here are our tips on how to set a Super Bowl prop bet schedule and cash in every few minutes.

How To Set A Super Bowl 57 Prop Bet Schedule

With coverage of the big game beginning hours before kickoff, bettors need to be mindful of whether the props apply to the live broadcast or include the pre and post-game. These notations will be included in the betting lines.

Super Bowl Commercial prop bets have the potential to conclude first. They are unique in that they can occur during any game break from the first through fourth quarters.

The first scheduled betting event is the performance of the Star-Spangled Banner which is sometimes preceded by America The Beautiful. National Anthem prop bets take action on the duration of the song, the number of jets in the Super Bowl flyover, whether the singer will mess up or forget a lyric, and more.

The Super Bowl coin toss is next on the docket. Standard coin toss odds and probabilities apply to if it lands on heads or tails. There are also props for betting on the team winning the coin toss being the franchise that wins the game.

Super Bowl player props and team odds are up next. As soon as the first quarter begins, player and team props are in play. This includes first-to-score, score type, and statistical over/unders.  Like SB commercial betting, stats-based props can occur at any time during the game.

During the midgame break, the Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance takes over the show for a half-hour. Online sportsbooks routinely post Halftime Show props for wardrobe color and malfunctions, the setlist, guest performers, and even obscene gestures or comments.

Once the third quarter begins, it’s back to player and team betting, as well as Super Bowl commercial odds.

In the closing moments of the game, a cooler full of an iced beverage is poured over the winning coach. There are prop bets for what color the drink will be each year, and it is one of the final props on the schedule for the night.

Super Bowl MVP odds feature a list of all eligible players with a moneyline for each one. The MVP Trophy is given out during the postgame comments, making it the final scheduled prop bet for Super Bowl Sunday.

Most of these NFL prop bets will remain on the boards accepting action until they reach a conclusion. We advise placing your Super Bowl bets prior to kickoff so that you can focus on the game, have fun, and cash in every few minutes.

Super Bowl LVII coverage begins this Sunday at 6;30 PM on FOX Network and streaming outlets.

Source – NBC Sports

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