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Betting On Super Bowl Commercials – Limited Sportsbook Ads For SB 58

a guy watching a Super Bowl commercial for BMW

Domestic sports betting operators are preparing to accept wagers on Super Bowl LVIII odds, with an anticipated handle north of $8 billion nationwide. Some states feature domestic sports betting monopolies where there’s not much need to advertise for customers other than to serve as a simple reminder of their existence.

Most regions feature competitive markets where local sportsbooks are eager to get a leg up on other vendors. Sports betting advertisements are running rampant across the country, so it would be no surprise to see several of them for local operators during the telecast of Super Bowl 58.

The National Football League has placed a cap on sportsbook advertisements during the big game and has come out with a statement saying that only three such commercials will air on February 11th.

The first sports betting commercial will air right before the game begins, with two more broadcasting at some point between the first quarter and the final whistle. These existing parameters will keep props off the board for local books unless an operator gets brave and posts a line for which order they’ll appear in.

There are a heap of Super Bowl commercial prop bets posted online that place brands head to head and ask gamblers to wager on which advertisement will air first.

First TV Advertisement – BMW vs Coors Light

  • BMW -110
  • Coors Light -130

The cost of a 30-second advertisement for Super Bowl 58 is set at $7 million. Despite this astronomical asking price, CBS has sold out of its entire slate of advertising space for the game.

Since so much attention is paid to the new commercials, Super Bowl betting sites are eager to capture that market by offering props on the advertisements in any way they can.

First TV Advertisement – vs Hellmann’s

  • Booking.Com -120
  • Hellmann’s -120

The most popular types are the head-to-head variety seen here, although readers may notice that the moneyline odds for each outcome are close to even. That’s because these NFL bet types are intended for fun and will feature relatively low wagering limits.

First TV Advertisement – Drumstick vs Uber Eats

  • Drumstick EVEN
  • Uber Eats -140

First TV Advertisement – Nerds vs Oreo

  • Nerds -120
  • Oreo -120

First TV Advertisement – Popeyes vs Dove

  • Popeyes -120
  • Dove -120

The above Super Bowl props are just what’s posted now. We expect dozens more to appear between now and February 11th. There are also Super Bowl odds for the 49ers and Chiefs that number in the thousands when shopping the online sportsbooks that we recommend.


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