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Legally Betting On Big Brother Season 25: Will An Older Houseguest Win?

the cast of Big Brother Season 25 USA

The 25th season of Big Brother began on August 5th, an unusually late start for the summer series that typically ends in September. This year, the Big Brother finale will not air until November, likely due to CBS needing fall content during the Writers Guild of America strike.

Two houseguests have already been eliminated during Big Brother Season 25, with a third being removed from the house after uttering a racial slur.

There are only 14 players remaining on the picture wall competing for the $750,000 grand prize. This week, two of our favoring online sportsbooks, BetOnline and Bovada, created entertainment odds for betting on Big Brother.

BB odds are often hard to come by. Although the cast of BB 25 has been known for weeks, entertainment sportsbooks are only now creating props.

Currently holding a commanding lead in the odds to win Big Brother 25 is Cory Wurternberger. Cory is 21 years old, but he could pass for a teenager.

Big Brother Odds To Win Season 25 (USA)

  • Cory Wurtenberger (21) +250
  • America Lopez (27) +600
  • Jag Bains (25) +600
  • Cirie Fields (53) +800
  • Izzy Gleicher (32)+800
  • Jared Fields (25) +800
  • Matt Klotz (27) +800
  • Felicia Cannon (63) +1200
  • Hisam Goueli (45) +1200
  • Red Utley (37) +1200
  • Bowie Jane (45) +1600
  • Cameron Harding (34) +1600
  • Blue Kim (25) +2000
  • Mecole Hayes (30) +2000
  • *Bovada Sportsbook

Wurtenberger’s odds to win are 350 points ahead of America Lopez and Jag Bains, who are tied for second place.

Entertainment prop bets are also being offered for the age of the winner of BB25. We’ve listed the age of each houseguest in parenthesis in the above Big Brother futures for reference.

Age Of Big Brother Winner

  • Under 26 Years -200
  • Over 26 Years +150
  • *BetOnline Sportsbook

The current odds suggest that the winner will be south of 26 years old, which should come as no surprise as most castmates skew young historically.

Sure, you’ll get the occasional senior citizen houseguest lined up alongside a bevy of hot-bodied youngsters, but they never seem to win. Even worse, they’re often among the first evictees of the season.

Those familiar with betting on Survivor may recognize the name Cirie Fields, who has appeared on five different seasons of the hit CBS series.

Most of the house does not know that Fields’ son, Jared Fields, is also in the game. Izzy Gleicher followed Cirie on social media and was aware of the relationship prior to the season, but no one else is aware.

Here is Jared doing his best to pretend he doesn’t know his mother.

Big Brother 25 Odds For Gender Of Winner

  • Male -165, -200
  • Female +125, +150
  • *Bovada LV, BeOnline AG

Gender odds for the winner of BB25 are available at both Bovada and BetOnline, allowing gamblers to shop the lines to their advantage.

If you want to bet on a male winner of Big Brother 25, Bovada requires less risk. Betting on a female to win BB 25 will net $0.25 more on the dollar at BetOnline.

We do not expect these BB odds to stick around long, so if you intend to place a wager, do so soon.


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