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Bet On Hailey Welch Props And Hawk Tuah Odds

Hailey Welch during her Hawk Tuah interview

Hailey Welch has become an instant celebrity following the viral spread of her response to a question in a random street interview. When asked what move drives a man crazy in bed, her “Hawk Tuah” response has millions of people laughing across social media.

“Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah.”

Hailey Welch

The combination of good looks, humor, and perfect timing has thrust Welch into the limelight, with television shows and podcasts all wanting in on the action. Entertainment sportsbooks are also getting a piece of the hawk tuah pie, creating prop bets for Hailey Welch outcomes over the next 12 months.

Here is the entire interview for anyone that missed it.

Who Is Hailey Welch (AKA The Hawk Tuah Girl)?

Welch is 21 years old and lives in Tennessee. She worked in a bed spring factory but resigned from her job following the fame garnered from the Hawk Tuah video. She’s collected over $65,000 in revenue from the sale Hawk Tuah-related merchandise and is planning to move to Los Angeles soon.

Hailey has signed on with Penthouse as an agent and hopes to parlay her fifteen minutes of fame into a legitimate career.

Hailey Welch Prop Bets (To Happen By July 4th, 2025)

  • Will Hailey Welch Set Up An Only Fans Account? -500, -500
  • Will Hailey Welch Appear On The Sex With Emily Podcast? +200, +200
  • Will Hailey Welch Appear On The Kelly Clarkson Show? +200, +200
  • Will Hailey Welch’s TikTok Account Have Over 80,000 Followers? -125
  • Will Hailey Welch Appear On The Joe Rogan Podcast? +400
  • Will Hailey Welch Enter Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest? +600, +800
  • Will Hailey Welch Appear On Saturday Night Live? +800, +800
  • Will Hailey Welch Get Married? +1200, +1200
  • Will Hailey Welch Get Pregnant? +3300, +3300
  • Will Hawk Tuah Be A Category At The Adult Video Awards? +600,+800

These entertainment prop bets are offered at two of our top online sportsbooks, with BetUS in blue and BetOnline in red. Most of the Hawk Tuah odds are identical, but there are some differentials that can be exploited by online gamblers.

Based on the nature of Welch’s response that made her famous, some of these props are centered around the adult film industry. Her Only Fans odds suggest that an account creation is imminent, but payouts will not require that the content be adult-related.

Hailey Welch Odds For Next Boyfriend

  • Chance The Rapper +800
  • Romeo Beckham +1000
  • Hunter Biden +1000
  • Sacha Baron Cohen +1200
  • Kody Brown +1200
  • Rob Mariano +1200
  • Zach Bryan +1200
  • Jelly Roll +1600
  • Offset +1600
  • Luke Bryan +1600
  • Conor McGregor +1600
  • Will Levis +1600

Given the potential of Welch’s current status and her interview response, suitors are sure to come calling. This prop includes odds for the first boyfriend she secures over the next year.

While our best-reviewed sports betting sites are taking wagers on these potential boyfriends right now, their insight is limited to where members are placing their bets. That’s why Hunter Biden is listed in second place despite there being no real chance of him asking for a date or Welch accepting.


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