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Bet On Bitcoin, Tom Cruise, And More With These Fun Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets

Tom Cruise parachuting into Super Bowl 57

Super Bowl Sunday is now six days away. NFL point spreads have settled on a margin of 1.5 in favor of the Eagles across the board, suggesting that bettors are now wagering evenly on both teams.

The Super Bowl 57 line had a lot of movement early but has been stagnant since the middle of last week.

These stationary odds have allowed us the time to check out some of the more fun Super Bowl prop bets that are on the boards this year. Here’s what we’ve found.

Will Tom Cruise Parachute Into The Super Bowl & Hand The Game Ball To The Referees?

  • Yes +2500
  • No -15000

Actor Tom Cruise has garnered attention lately for the number of times he’s gone parachuting for action films like Top Gun: Maverick, and the Mission Impossible franchise. Cruise, despite his age of 60, still insists on performing all of his own stunts.

Does he have the ultimate stunt in mind for State Farm Stadium on February 12th? There’s a healthy payout offered for an outcome of yes, but the maximum bet allowed is likely under $500.

Which Movie Clip Will Coach Sirianni Show The Eagles The Night Before The Super Bowl?

  • 8 Mile -120
  • Invincible +300
  • Rocky +325
  • Any Given Sunday +325
  • Rudy +1100
  • Miracle +900
  • Braveheart +950
  • Remember The Titans +1200
  • Friday Night Lights +1200
  • Cinderella Man +1500
  • The Pursuit Of Happyness +1500
  • Wolf Of Wall Street +1500
  • Poolhall Junkies +2000
  • The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon +2500

The above list contains movies that might be shown to the Eagles by Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni before the big game. We’ve got no insight into what he’ll pop in the blu-ray player, but Rocky is a Philly movie.

What Will Happen to the Price of Bitcoin (BTC) During The Superbowl?

  • Price Of Bitcoin Goes Up -130
  • Price Of Bitcoin Goes Down EVEN

The above prop suggests that BTC will most likely remain even or above throughout the duration of SB 57. We’ve spotted a few similar lines for financial markets betting regarding the price of Ethereum and Tether.

If a Bitcoin Super Bowl commercial airs, that could cause a quick uptick. We’re just sayin’.

How Many Beers Will Be Sold At State Farm Stadium During Super Bowl LVII?

  • 120,000 Or Under -175
  • Over 120,000 +130

How Many Hotdogs Will Be Sold At State Farm Stadium During Super Bowl 57?

  • 17,000 Or Under -190
  • Over 17,000 +145

Over 100,000 beers and 16,000+ hotdogs are expected to be sold at Super Bowl LVII. The above two props for hot dog and beer sales will be confirmed in late February by State Farm Stadium’s official declaration.

Average Super Bowl 57 Nielsen Ratings

  • 114 Million Or Under -160
  • Over 114 Million +120

Last year, Super Bowl 56 viewers topped out at just over 101 million. The average audience over the entire broadcast of LVI was 99 million.

The above Super Bowl ratings prop bets project that number to be well above last year’s viewing audience by several million.

How Many Times Will The Kelce Brothers Be Mentioned On The Super Bowl Broadcast?

  • Over 1.5 -290
  • Under 1.5 +210

We get it already. Jason Kelce plays center for the Eagles. Travis Kelce plays tight end for the Chiefs. The Super Bowl telecast is long, however, and topics run dry quickly.

That said, we believe that the over of 1.5 mentions of the Kelce brothers will hit early during the game. This Kelce prop counts toward the live broadcast only and does not include the pre or post-game coverage.

Drake Curse Odds: What Team’s Gear Will Drake Be Wearing On Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Kansas City Chiefs -350
  • Philadelphia Eagles +245

Rapper Drake does have his favorite teams, but he’s pretty fairweather when it comes to representation during championship games for all major pro and college sports.

The Super Bowl odds imply that Drake will be sporting Chiefs’ gear on Super Bowl Sunday. That usually means a loss for the team he’s wearing, but not always.

Super Bowl LVII Prop Bets: Bovada.LV

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