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The Payout of a Lifetime For the Cost of A Cup Of Coffee

William Hill Week 2 Progressive Football Parlay Card

For the cost of a cup of coffee from Starbucks, one individual hit the jackpot – a Progressive Jackpot to say the least.

One lucky bettor made $84,565 on a $5 bet through a William Hill partnered sportsbooks in Nevada after correctly guessing which NFL teams would win in Week 2. William Hill’s Pro Football Progressive Contest allows bettors to wager on exotic parlay cards which unlike traditional parlay or teaser cards, do not provide a point spread. Therefore, to win, a bettor or multiple bettors must win their entire batch picks, for William Hill’s Pro Football Progressive offer ties count as a win.

William Hill’s Pro Progressive football parlay only requires bettors to bet $5 per entry and picks are made straight up. The bettor earned 16,913-1 payout odds for their 15 game straight up pick win. The gambler who won Week 2s progressive parlay decided to stay anonymous, however, other bettors were eager to learn which team the jackpot winner picks for the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers game, regardless of the tie win.

William Hill’s Progressive Pro Football parlay starts at $10,000 at the beginning of the season. For every week without a parlay jackpot winner, 80% of entry fees played the previous week(s) carry over to the following week’s jackpot. If multiple bettors select correct winners for their entire batch pick the progressive jackpot prize is divided equally.

For the bettor who won, one simple hiccup or dropped pass could have drastically changed the outcome of Week 2’s winners. If the bettor had not received a 16-0 win on their parlay they would have not earned a penny back. Luckily, they had won their $5 parlay bet and earned 16,913x their money back.

Parlay cards draw big money for Nevada sportsbooks, in fact, most NV sports betting venues showcase their parlay cards front at center at their betting window and keep daily bets and futures behind the ticket desk. Parlays allow sportsbooks to retain more revenue, as Nevada sportsbooks earned a 24.12%-win percentage over parlay wagers in 2017. William Hill announced the $84,565 parlay win on their social media to further encourage more bettors wager on parlays.

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