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Thanksgiving NFL Sportsbook Promotions Offer Legit Bankroll Stuffing

turkey with Detroit Lions helmet on

Sports betting giants MyBookie and BetOnline are doling out large portions of bonus cash opportunities for the three NFL games being played over Thanksgiving afternoon.

Typically, we suggest pouring over the small print with a fine-toothed comb, but these offers feature minimal rollover requirements and represent the perfect opportunity for new bettors to become a member.

MyBookie Turkey Day Free Play 2020

The first such bonus that should be heavily considered is MyBookie’s Turkey Day Free Play 2020 promotion. This offer involves betting on the first Thanksgiving NFL Football game of the day between the Houston Texans and the Detroit Lions.

Houston Texans (3-7) @ Detroit Lions (4-6)

  • Point Spread: Texans -3.0
  • Money Line: Texans -160, Lions +135
  • Over/Under: 51.5

In order to partake in this promotion, members must place a bet of up to $250 on the point spread between the Texans and the Lions. That means that bettors must wager on the Texans to win by 4 or more points, or on the Lions to lose by 2 points or less.

If you place a winning bet against the point spread on the first Thanksgiving Day game, your bankroll will be enhanced by up to $250 with no further strings attached.

What makes this Turkey Day Free Play 2020 bonus so advantageous is that any losing bet will be refunded by up to $250 before the Dallas Cowboys game begins. All that is required is a 1X rollover, meaning no winnings can be withdrawn until the $250 refund has been spent on sports betting.

It really is a no-lose situation and allows for a risk-free entry into the realm of online sportsbooks that offer odds on the NFL. All that is required to take part in MyBookie’s promotion is to place a bet of up to $250 on the point spread of the first Thanksgiving Day NFL game before kickoff.

BetOnline’s Free Entry $10,000 Thanksgiving Parlay

BetOnline is one of the best NFL betting sites in existence, and they are rolling out the red carpet for bettors that are interested in earning some free cash while watching NFL games on Thanksgiving Day.

This Thanksgiving parlay contest requires that members enter the correct point spread winner and over/under total for all three Thanksgiving NFL games, with the winner taking home a grand prize of $10,000. Of course, if there are multiple winners, the prize money will be split equally.

Entering the contest is simple. Login to BetOnline or sign up as a member and submit your point spread picks and over/under selections for each of the three NFL Thanksgiving games. All entries must be completed no later than 12:30 pm ET on Thanksgiving Day.

There is no cost to enter this BetOnline Thanksgiving contest, but in order to qualify for the promotion, members must bet at least $25 on straight game wagers first (point spread, money line, or over/under).

Thanksgiving is almost here and BetOnline is accepting entries to their $10,000 contest now, so submit your prediction today.

BetOnline’s $10,000 Thanksgiving Score Predictor

If that last offer didn’t whet your Thanksgiving NFL appetite, then perhaps this next promotion from BetOnline will appetize your holiday NFL betting spirit.

The score predictor challenge is open now to BetOnline members, but unlike their parlay promotion, this one remains open until just before the kickoff of the Thanksgiving Thursday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.

That’s because the task at hand is to predict the perfect score between the Ravens and Steelers, and once again, BetOnline members must have previously wagered at least $25 on single-game sports betting to qualify.

$10,000 will go to the BetOnline member that can correctly guess the final score and will be split amongst the winners if more than one submits an accurate point total for each team.

If that doesn’t fill your Thanksgiving NFL betting plate, we’re not sure what will. Get in on one, or all of these three incredible promotions now. The deadline for entry will be here before you know it.

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