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Domestic Sport Betting In Nebraska Is Now Legal, But There Are No Sportsbooks Yet

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Can you imagine a better time for legal sports betting in Nebraska to debut than during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl?

That’s exactly what’s happened, as Nebraska sports betting became legal yesterday, 11 days prior to Super Bowl LVII. The only problem is there are no retail sports betting venues open for business, and it could be months before that happens.

Regulations are in place for in-person sportsbooks to begin operating at the state’s two casinos, but neither is equipped with the necessities to accept a wager at the moment. There have also been no sports betting licenses issued to them from the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission.

The WarHorse Casino in Lincoln, NE, and the Elite Casino in Grand Island are the two locations that are erected and in position to open sportsbooks based on the new rules issued by the Commission.

These sportsbook operations will need to seek out a domestic provider for sports betting, but none have been secured as of this writing.

Local casinos and politicians do not seem to be in any rush at all, with some suggesting that no bets will be placed until at least the fall of 2023,

For now, NE sports betting is limited to in-person only, with no allowance for online gambling or mobile sportsbook apps.

Nebraska shares a border with Iowa, Wyoming, and Colorado. All three neighboring states feature legal in-person, online, and mobile sports betting. Gamblers from NE can simply cross state lines into those regions, pull over, and place a bet using their smartphone.

Bets that are placed outside of the Cornhusker State generate revenue that escapes into the tax coffers of nearby territories.

Speaking of tax revenue, collection totals around the country for states that only offer brick-and-mortar sportsbooks pale in comparison to those that also allow for online and mobile options.

The differentials in the monthly state-by-state sports betting revenue reports are due to convenience.

Most gamblers will opt to place a wager from their home rather than travel to a casino to bet on sports. Omaha is right across the border from Iowa, so it would only take a matter of minutes to cross into the Hawkeye State and pull up one of their betting apps.

There are also offshore sportsbook sites that operate from international gaming districts. These legal sports betting sites are able to accept members from inside Nebraska right now and allow them to wager on pro and college athletics.

If you’re inside of Nebraska and looking to bet on Super Bowl 57, these international sportsbook sites can be accessed today using smartphones, tablets, PCs, or laptops.

These overseas gambling sites are also able to provide real-money casino games and cash poker rooms. Other exclusive offerings include election betting and entertainment gambling, two categories that domestic books do not take action on.

Until further notice, Nebraska sports bettors will need to seek sportsbooks that operate in nearby states or offshore if they intend to wager on Super Bowl LVII odds.

Source – Lincoln Journal Star

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