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Presidential Debate Prop Bets Precede June 27th Broadcast

a close up of Biden and Trump

The first Presidential Debate of 2024 will air on CNN in ten days. Anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will be the hosts, and both Donald Trump and President Biden have agreed to the rules that CNN has set forth.

Independent candidate Robert Kennedy, Jr. has not met the minimum qualifications to participate in the first debate. There’s still time remaining for Kennedy to do so, but his probability of becoming eligible by June 27th is low.

2024 Presidential Debate Rules

  • The debate will last 90 minutes and will begin at 9 PM
  • There will be two total commercial breaks
  • Each candidate’s mic will remain muted unless they are recognized to speak
  • Neither candidate will be allowed the use of props or notes
  • Campaign staff is not permitted to interact with Biden or Trump
  • Both will receive a pen, paper, and water
  • There will be no live studio audience

The lack of an audience will neuter the effectiveness of a muted mic as either candidate can simply yell their retort and achieve enough volume to be disruptive. Trump would seem to have the edge over Biden in vocal amplitude, which should create for a unique and historic debate.

Political odds are now available at legal election betting sites for a series of debate-related outcomes.

Joe Biden Debate Props

President Biden is projected to walk out onto the stage on the 27th wearing a white shirt, a grey suit, and a blue tie. In fact, the prop bets for Biden’s tie color are so certain about blue that wagers of $12.50 are required to net a dollar in profits.

The Predominant Color Of Joe Biden’s Shirt

  • White -200
  • Blue +200
  • Any other +700

The Predominant Color Of Joe Biden’s Suit

  • Grey +150
  • Blue +205
  • Black +250
  • Any other +800

The Predominant Color Of Joe Biden’s Tie

  • Blue -1250
  • Red +700
  • Any other +1200

Biden is entering the debate hot as his campaign has initiated an advertising campaign that focuses on Trump’s recent criminal convictions. Over $50 million has been spent on these ads, so expect more between now and Thursday after next.

Donald Trump Debate Props

The odds for Donald Trump imply that he’ll sport a white shirt, a blue suit, and a red tie. Much like Biden, Trump’s odds for tie color are nearly certain, with the moneyline for red offered at -1100.

The Predominant Color Of Trump’s Shirt

  • White -300
  • Blue +400
  • Any other +475

The Predominant Color Of Trump’s Suit

  • Blue +140
  • Black +225
  • Grey +250
  • Any other +800

The Predominant Color Of Trump’s Tie

  • Red -1100
  • Any other +800
  • Blue +1000

Who Will Win The First Presidential Debate?

Of the two 2024 presidential candidates, Trump would seem to be more vulnerable entering the debate due to his recent convictions in New York. However, that’s not what the odds suggest, as Donald has the edge in the following prop.

CNN Presidential Debate: Winner (As Per Polls)

  • Donald Trump -140
  • Joe Biden +100

This prop assumes the creation of a follow-up poll from CNN. If no such poll is initiated, BetOnline will award wins based on poll results conducted by YouGov, Ipsos, or an aggregate of both.


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