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OnlyFans Betting Has Arrived: Gamble On The Celeb That Creates An Account Next

Kim Kardashian behind an OnlyFans logo

Thanks to social media, rich and famous celebrities, and the political elite are reachable by the common man. Because of apps like Twitter, anyone can reach out to the President of the United States and potentially garner a response.

The website OnlyFans has taken that celebrity-to-fan interaction one step further by monetizing it and removing any restrictions associated with the content that’s uploaded by account holders.

In exchange for their hosting services, OnlyFans retains 20% of any money made by the host channel. This host-friendly business model has aided in pushing OnlyFans to become a company that generates roughly $1 billion annually.

Online entertainment sportsbooks have taken notice of the trend and produced betting odds taking action on the next member of the Hollywood elite that will create an OnlyFans account.

To Create An OnlyFans Site

  • Kim Kardashian +600
  • Channing Tatum +2000
  • Selena Gomez +4000
  • Taylor Swift +4000
  • Beyonce +5000
  • Rihanna +5000
  • Leonardo DiCaprio +6500
  • The Weeknd +6500
  • Brad Pitt +10000

While none of the above celebrities possess moneyline odds that suggest an OnlyFans account is imminent, the current leader is Kim Kardashian.

There’s no question about it. A Kim Kardashian OnlyFans account has the potential to generate millions of dollars a year, but is it worth it to her?

Kim K has a net worth north of $1 billion, stars on a reality television show, has an active modeling career, runs a fashion company, and many other ventures that take up the bulk of her time.

There is the potential that the millions earned from OnlyFans would actually result in a loss of income for Kardashian, which aligns with the 15% likelihood implied by her +600 moneyline odds.

Still, it may be worth placing a small wager on her OnlyFan odds, as payouts are currently offered at 6-to-1.

Lena’s Next OnlyFans Sex Partner?

  • Beetlejuice +500
  • Kai Cenat +500
  • Pokimane +1000
  • Summit1g +1500
  • Syndicate +2500
  • TimTheTatman +2500
  • DrLupo +4000
  • Valorant +5000

While OnlyFans hosts several safe-for-work accounts that post content related to cooking, health, and other passions, most of the channels are dedicated to pornography.

Entertainment prop bets like the one above have appeared regarding Lena the Plug, a popular YouTuber that is earning some serious coin creating sexual content at OnlyFans.

Her popularity has inspired online sports betting sites to start taking action on her next on-screen partner. The payout potential ranges from 5x to 50x on the dollar for gamblers that can guess who’ll be sharing some intimate screen time with Lena on her next upload.

If you’d like to bet on entertainment odds like the ones included here, they are only offered at sports betting sites that operate overseas. The sites that are included in our online sportsbook reviews are the best providers of entertainment props around and create lines on just about anything having to do with celebrities.


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