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New York Expands Sports Betting Laws To Commission A Statewide Evaluation


New York lawmakers have submitted NY A00591 to allow the commissioner of the office of alcoholism and substance abuse to perform a statewide evaluation to determine the extent of gambling in the Empire State.

If passed, this bill will amend the mental hygiene law, a law that was consolidated to include voluntary, involuntary, emergency admissions, and everything associated with mental health. This action shows us how state officials feel about problem gambling.

Compulsive gambling is classified as a mental health disorder, and people affected often have substance abuse problems, personality, depression, or anxiety disorders. If not properly treated compulsive gambling can take control of someone’s life until they are either broke or arrested.

With this proposed bill, NY lawmakers are saying they want to know more about their state resident’s gambling habits. The evaluation will include lottery, horse racing, casino gambling, mobile gambling, sports betting, and poker.

The results from this proposed bill would need to delivered to the governor’s office no later than December 1st, 2023. The results would need to include age, race, income, education, sex, and an estimate of money wagered.

Before this legislation becomes law, it will have to be passed by the state and then signed by the governor. Right now, NY A00591is still in committee and could undergo some changes or die in the system.If that was the case, there is a companion bill already submitted to the house for evaluation. NY-S05703 was introduced in May of 2019 and has since sat in the committee waiting to be evaluated.

It is good to know that New York lawmakers are thinking of ways to help their gamblers who may have developed a problem. This bill ensures that state officials are concerned about NY residents gambling habits too. Our page on responsible gambling can help you spot someone that might need professional assistance and can point you in the right direction to seek immediate help.

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