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New Joe Biden Odds For State Of The Union Betting Gives Insight Into Speech Content

Betting on Joe Biden's State of the Union Speech odds in 2022
  • The 2022 State Of The Union Address Begins Tonight At 9 PM
  • Political Betting Odds For Biden’s Speech Content Taking Action Now
  • Biden Odds Suggest SOTU Goes Over An Hour

There’s no question that tonight’s State of the Union address from President Joe Biden represents a crucial time during his first term with an escalating Russia-Ukraine crisis and several other economic factors in play.

Joe Biden odds regarding the content of his 2022 State of the Union Address are now populating political betting sites and can also serve as a preview of the direction the President’s speech will take.

Biden 2022 State Of The Union Length

  • Over 59 Minutes -130
  • Under 59 Minutes -110

The above political prop bet suggests that the State of the Union will last over an hour, but both options feature negative moneylines so the line is hardly definitive.

A little more certainty is expressed in the following betting line asking what color tie President Biden will be wearing tonight. Black holds a strong lead due to the current sour situation in Ukraine at the moment. Biden also appears poised to don a striped tie as opposed to a solid color or polka dots.

What Dominant Color Will Joe Biden’s Tie Be

  • Blue +120
  • Black +175
  • Red +200
  • Yellow +300

What Design Will Joe Bidens Tie Be

  • Striped -130
  • Solid +120
  • Polka Dots +175

The over/under that entertainment betting sites are placing on the number of times that Biden mentions Russian President Vladimir Putin is resting at 2.5 which sounds a little low but that could be a strategy of the President’s team.

How Many Times Will Biden Say Putin?

  • Over 2.5 Putin -120
  • Under 2.5 Putin -120

Russia holds the edge on Putin in regard to mentions. The line is set at 5.5 mentions of Russia or Russian, but with the State of the Union duration projected to be an hour, it is hard to imagine that number not getting topped.

How Many Times Will Biden Say Russia Or Russian?

  • Over 5.5 Russia or Russian -120
  • Under 5.5 Russia or Russian -120

Even with all that is going on in Eastern Europe, the 2022 midterm elections are still at the forefront of the agendas of Republican and Democratic Party leadership.

The Trump odds for mentions tonight predicts a Donald-less affair as the -300 moneyline implies a 75% probability of occurring.

Will Biden Say Trump?

  • Biden does not say Trump -300
  • Biden says Trump +175

Get this – all it takes to nearly double your money tonight is to bet on Trump to be mentioned once. Once! A Trump-less SOTU would be a deliberate attempt to minimize his presence, just like with Putin.

How Many Times Will Biden Say Ukraine

  • Over 2.5 Ukraine -150
  • Under 2.5 Ukraine +110

How Many Times Will Biden Say Kyiv Or Kiev

  • Over 1.5 Kyiv/Kiev -130
  • Under 1.5 Kyiv/Kiev -110

COVID-19 and its variations are still abound in the United States and will likely be a focus of tonight’s State of the Union Address. The most certain COVID-19 betting odds on the board are for a mention of “unvaccinated” during tonight’s speech.

How Many Times Will Biden Say Pandemic

  • Under 1.5 Pandemic -130
  • Over 1.5 Pandemic -110

How Many Times Will Biden Say Omicron

  • Over 1.5 Omicron -120
  • Under 1.5 Omicron -120

Will Biden Say Unvaccinated

  • Yes – Unvaccinated -250
  • No – Unvaccinated +170

How Many Times Will Biden Say Booster

  • Under 3.5 Booster -180
  • Over 3.5 Booster +130

Another major concern that is causing unrest among the nation’s constituents is the rising gas and oil prices that are a side effect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

How Many Times Will Biden Say Inflation

  • Under 1.5 Inflation -160
  • Over 1.5 Inflation +120

Will Biden Say Gas Or Gasoline

  • Yes – Gas or Gasoline -150
  • No – Gas or Gasoline +110

How Many Times Will Biden Say “Oil”

  • Under 1.5 Oil -150
  • Over 1.5 Oil +110

Oil, gasoline, and inflation are favored for mentions tonight, but are far from a sure bet. If you are interested in the above political betting odds for the 2022 State of the Union Address, get in now, because while they will remain active until a conclusion is reached, they can also be removed at any time the sportsbook chooses.

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