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New Jersey And Mississippi Welcome SBTech

Soccer players ready for action

New Jersey and Mississippi took the next step towards revolutionizing their domestic sports gambling offerings by partnering with SBTech, one of the largest sports betting solutions providers in the country. SBTech will power sports gambling at Golden Nugget properties in Atlantic City and Biloxi. The solutions provider is no stranger to New Jersey, as it already powers Churchill Downs and Resorts Atlantic City. Mississippi will be a new market for them.

New Jersey and Mississippi both had sports betting legislation ready to go for months leading up to the monumental PASPA decision. However, there were still some logistics that needed to be worked out before brick-and-mortar sports betting. This deal puts SBTech in position to facilitate all betting taking place inside these Golden Nugget establishments.

The deal in New Jersey is more inclusive because it gives SBTech the power to mitigate online and mobile wagering in addition to the land-based betting. The Mississippi deal only has provisions for brick-and-mortar sports betting. The legislation there does not promote online sports wagering and mobile betting is strictly held within the confines of the physical casino structure.

SBTech went through a rigorous inspection process to receive this bid. Where other operators failed, SBTech stood out based on their positive reputation in the industry. They are leaders in retail and online technology and are known as innovators within multiple realms. Thomas Winter, GN Senior Vice President, and General Manager consider SBTech an integral part of New Jersey’s success. He believes that SBTech will help elevate the Golden Nugget sports betting operations to a point of making them a new gold standard.

It is not exactly clear what SBTech has in store for the New Jersey and Mississippi sports betting locations. However, given their reputation, it will likely be an innovate operation that is user-friendly and draws a lot of people in to place wagers on their favorite sports teams.

This gives SBTech an opportunity to make their name stand to other states that are looking at passing sports betting legislation. If things go well with the new NJ and Mississippi ventures, other states will likely want them to come in and do the same for their licensed sportsbooks. This is a pivotal moment for SBTech and one in which they can corner the market and establish a solid foothold for years to come. Sports betting states are on the rise in the US, meaning SBTech has the ability to seize this moment.

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