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Mark Zuckerberg Odds For MMA Opponents Arise After Training Video

legally betting on Zuckerberg odds to fight in the UFC

When Mark Zuckerberg speaks, the world listens. The Facebook CEO posted a video on Instagram on September 3rd featuring himself sparring with Khai Wu, a 27-year-old MMA combatant, resulting in speculation from UFC fighters, fans, and the online betting community.


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Entertainment betting sites have now posted odds on which fighter Mark Zuckerberg will face first, even though he has made no declarations regarding his intentions to enter the Octagon.

The list of potential combatants includes other billionaires, Hollywood celebrities, pop musicians, YouTube personalities, and politicians.

Mark Zuckerberg Odds For First MMA Opponent

  • Mark Cuban +2000
  • Ashton Kutcher +2200
  • Charlie Hunnam +2200
  • Nick Jonas +2200
  • Logan Paul +2500
  • Guy Ritchie +2500
  • Mario Lopez +2500
  • Joe Rogan +2500
  • Snoop Dogg +2500
  • Wiz Khalifa +2800
  • Will Smith +3300
  • Tom Hardy +3300
  • Jason Statham +3300
  • Chris Pratt +4000
  • Kelly Slater +4000
  • Elon Musk +5000
  • Mark Ballas +5000
  • Scott Eastwood +5000
  • Jeff Bezos +5000
  • Jonah Hill +6600
  • Jay Glazer +6600
  • Kevin James +10000
  • Justin Bieber +10000
  • Jake Paul +10000
  • Ed O’Neill +25000
  • Donald Trump +99999
  • Joe Biden +100000

Currently leading entertainment prop bets for Zuckerberg’s first fight is Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. While Cuban is feisty and not afraid of a scrap, he’d be a fool to enter the ring against Zuck, who appears to be well-trained and is 27 years his junior.

The chief component that is keeping Zuckerberg from partaking in any kind of regulated combat is the fact that he is worth north of $57 billion. He has no incentive to place his physical health at risk, even against some of the lackluster competition that members in the above betting line would put forth.

Still, the comments section on Zuck’s Instagram post could inspire him to test his might in live competition.

“Yo!!! F-ing awesome Mark!”

Conor McGregor – Former UFC Lightweight Champion

“This is great! I’m so happy to see this. Training looks solid too!”

Joe Rogan – UFC Commentator

“UFC debut might be coming soon for you too!”

Aljamain Sterling – Current UFC Bantamweight Champion

If forced to lay some action on Zuckerberg’s MMA opponent, we would do so on Logan Paul’s odds of +2500. The most popular YouTube fighter and the CEO of Facebook would certainly draw some pay-per-view buys. Jake Paul is also listed at +10000 and would offer similar intrigue to that of his brother.

The Zuckerberg betting line specifically mentions mixed martial arts (MMA), which would seem to exclude any element of celebrity boxing betting.

If Mark Zuckerberg does sign to fight a match against someone, there’ll be moneyline odds for each fighter to win scattered across all online sportsbooks. There will also be numerous props for round betting and for the result of the match.

Something to keep in mind when betting on entertainment odds like these is that there is a significant chance that there will never be a fight announced. Make sure to read each online sportsbook’s rules regarding canceled events.

Also, entertainment betting lines can be removed before the outcome takes place. Any bets made will remain active, but it could be months or years before payouts can be collected.

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