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Legally Betting On The NFL Combine Results For 2024

2024 NFL Combine logo with a fist full of cash next to it

Beginning next Monday and running through March 4th, the 2024 NFL Combine will test the athletic limits of this year’s incoming rookie class of pro football hopefuls. Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts, will once again host the combine, with much of the action airing on the NFL Network.

When a prospect posts a time or number of repetitions that has never been matched before in the history of the combine, analysts and scouts will jettison that player up the draft boards, resulting in larger contracts and an earlier shot at entering the starting lineup.

Online NFL betting sites have now posted a series of combine props asking if certain records will be broken in 2024.

Jason Allen and Brandin Cooks are the record holders for the fastest completion time of the 20-yard shuttle drill at 3.81 seconds. If any of this year’s participants set a lower time, 5-to-1 payouts can be earned by wagering on it.

Will NFL Combine Record Fastest 20-Yard Shuttle Be Broken?

Yes (Faster Than 3.81 Seconds) +500
No (Slower Than 3.81 Seconds) -900

J.T. Thomas recorded the fastest-ever 3-cone drill time at the NFL Combine with 6.28 seconds. NFL prop bets suggest that Thomas will retain that record for at least another year.

Will The NFL Combine 3-Cone Drill Record Be Broken?

Yes (Faster Than 6.28 Seconds) +375
No (Slower Than 6.28 Seconds) -650

Speed is the most coveted of all talents in the National Football League, with the ultimate metric being each player’s 40-yard dash time. The next two NFL Combine props are taking action on whether a 40 time faster than 4.27  seconds will be recorded and whether Jon Ross’ record of 4.22 seconds will be broken.

Fastest 2024 NFL Combine Odds For 40-Yard Dash Times

Faster Than 4.27 Seconds -120
Slower Than 4.27 Seconds -120

Will The Record NFL Combine 40-Yard Dash Time Be Broken?

Yes (Faster Than 4.22 Seconds) +350
No (Slower Than 4.22 Seconds) -600

Whether leaping to catch a pass or trying to knock down the throw of an opposing quarterback, how high you can jump is a valuable asset in the NFL. The highest all-time vertical jump in the combine was set at 45 inches by Chris Conley and Donald Washington. The odds suggest that Conley and Washington’s records will remain intact.

2024 NFL Combine Odds For Highest Vertical Jump

Over 43.5 Inches -145
Under 43.5 Inches +105

Will The NFL Combine Record For Highest Vertical Jump Be Broken?

Yes (Higher Than 45 Inches) +300
No (Lower Than 45 Inches) -500

The distance one can leap is also paramount, as possessing that talent allows for the attaining of crucial first downs or crossing the endzone line with superior athletic ability. The longest broad jump ever recorded at the NFL Combine was 12 feet 3 inches, set by Byron Jones.

2024 NFL Combine Odds For Longest Broad Jump

Higher Than 11’5″ -135
Lower Than 11’5″ -105

Will The NFL Combine Record For The Longest Broad Jump Be Broken?

Yes (More Than 12’3″) +900
No (Less Than 12’3″) -3500

There is no substitute for strength in the NFL, and that data is reflected most often by the number of times a player can bench press 225 pounds. The NFL Combine bench press record is 49 reps, a mark set by Stephen Paea.

2024 NFL Combine Odds Most Bench Press Reps

More Than 40 Reps -105
Less Than 40 Reps -135

Will The NFL Combine Record For Most Bench Press Reps Be Broken?

Yes (More Than 49 Reps) +650
No (Less Than 49 Reps) -1400

The over/under for most bench press reps at this year’s combine is set at 40, which is 9 under the mark to hit. More combine odds and NFL player props can be found online at Bovada or with most other pro football sportsbooks we recommend.


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