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Legally Betting On The 2024 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

a dog jumping a hurdle at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
  • The 2024 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Begins May 11, 2024
  • The Odds To Win Best In Show Favor Terrier Breed
  • The Winners Will Be Announced On May 14, 2024

The ever-broadening horizons of entertainment betting have now expanded to include gambling on Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show odds. Prop bets for most common outcomes are posted online, with odds that are aimed toward both casual gamblers and avid dog show enthusiasts.

Early entertainment prop bets are suggesting that a dog from the terrier breed will be bestowed with the Best in Show honors in 2024. The winners in 2023 and 2022 were members of the hound group.

Odds To Win Best In Show 2024

  • Terrier +300
  • Non-Sporting +400
  • Toy Group +400
  • Hound +500
  • Sporting +500
  • Working +700
  • Herding +1000

Brown and white are the most likely colors of the winning dog for this year, but large payouts are being offered for any other color on the board. Payouts of 20x are being provided on the winning dog being orange, so buy in now if you think an Irish Setter or a Chow will win.

What Will Be The Primary Coat Color Of The Best In Show Winner?

  • Brown +100
  • White +200
  • Black +400
  • Golden +1400
  • Grey +1600
  • Orange +2000

The following prop is basically a pick’em, as both a female and male winner have odds in the negative. This is a fun Westminster Dog Show prop for gamblers just looking to get in on the action.

Best In Show Betting Odds For Sex Of Winner

  • Female -120
  • Male -110

Unless you have some insight into which dog is poised to win this year, the next Dog Show prop bet is merely a stab in the dark. The winner’s name beginning with a letter between A and H is heavily favored.

First Letter Of Best In Show Winner’s Name

  • A-H -120
  • Q-Z +200
  • I-P +220

Last year’s winner was a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen by the name of Buddy Holly, which would align with this year’s betting odds. However, the prior two winners were named Toot My Own Horn and Wasabi, so perhaps there is some merit to Q-Z and the +200 moneyline attached to the outcome.

To Be Pictured At The Event

  • Barry Bonds -300
  • Tim McGraw -150
  • Martha Stewart +250
  • Morgan Fox +250

Another major component of entertainment gambling is betting on celebrity divorces, weddings, baby names, golf, boxing matches, and more. The above prop includes that element among the options for Westminster Dog Show betting, as there are odds for four different celebrities making an appearance at the 2024 event.

Former MLB great Barry Bonds has been around dog show circles for years and has owned qualifiers in the past. Country singer Tim McGraw owns a Bracco Italiano that won Best of Breed in 2023.

LA Chargers defensive end Morgan Fox is the owner of an award-winning French Bulldog. Martha Stewart has also participated in the show in recent years and could potentially appear in 2024.


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