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Legally Betting On Squid Game Season 2 Outcomes

The Front Man from Squid Game Season 2
  • Squid Game Season 2 Is Confirmed For A 2024 Release On Netflix
  • The Second Season Is Filming Now In South Korea
  • Online Sportsbooks Have Posted Squid Game Odds For Season 2

Netflix has revealed that the much anticipated second season of Squid Game is being produced and will drop at some point in 2024. Fan-made teaser trailers are still circulating the web, attempting to predict what season 2 could entail.

For added insight into what could happen, there are odds for betting on Squid Game Season 2 that place probabilities on several potential outcomes. For instance, [spoiler] the winner of season 1 was Gi Hun, who wore the number 456.

Squid Game prop bets are taking action on the winning number for season 2, and the odds suggest that it will be a member of the front half of the group.

Squid Game Season 2 Winner’s Number Odds

  • 001 through 227 -125
  • 228 through 456 -115

BetUS Sportsbook has created a succession of entertainment prop bets that only allow for wagering on an outcome of yes. In the following props, all outcomes are unlikely to take place and possess a positive moneyline that will reward exponential payouts if successful.

Front Man (Hwang-In-Ho) Prop Bets

  • Will He Compete In A Squid Game Competition? Yes +325
  • Will The Authorities Apprehend Him? Yes +170

Hwang Jun-Ho Prop Bets

  • Will He Arrest The Front Man? Yes +250
  • Will He Officially Enter A Squid Game Competition? Yes +500

One potential plot device could be a Darth Vader-like revelation that Oh Il-Nam is actually Seong Gi-Hun’s dad. There’s probably enough narrative meat on the bone to avoid jumping the shark so quickly, but entertainment sportsbooks disagree, as the odds heavily favor a paternal discovery.

Will Oh Il-Nam Be Revealed As Seong Gi-Hun’s Father?

  • Yes -275

We left off season one with Seong Gi-Hun intent on learning more about who is running the games. This Squid Game prop implies that he will indeed enter the competition again, but his odds of winning aren’t as certain.

Seong Gi-Hun Prop Bets For Season 2

  • Will He Enter Another Squid Game Competition? Yes -300
  • Will He Enter And Win Another Squid Game Competition? Yes +160
  • Will He Infiltrate Squid Game As A Staff Member In A Red Jumpsuit? Yes +300
  • Will He Replace The Front Man? Yes +225

Oddsmakers are speculating whether Gi-Hun will replace Hwang-In-Ho, effectively becoming the bad guy. There’s also a decent chance that Gi-Hun will become a spectator of the games as a guard dressed up in a red jumpsuit according to these odds.

Even though the new season is not yet out, we advise acting quickly on these Squid Game betting odds because they tend to disappear randomly.


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