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King Charles Health Scare Prompts Prince William Coronation Odds

Prince William and King Charles III face to face

When achieving your life’s ambition depends on the death of your father, dealing with grizzly morbid details becomes commonplace. Endeavoring for the throne requires the passing of a parent or a family member in most cases, as is the situation that Prince William is currently saddled with.

Williams’s father, King Charles III, was recently diagnosed with cancer. No exact type was revealed, only that the cancer was discovered during a prostate exam and that it is not prostate cancer.

At 75 years of age, the remaining tenure of King Charles on the throne is limited. Online entertainment sportsbooks have long offered odds on the Royal Family and their activities, but now there are lines asking when Prince William will become the King.

When Will Prince William Be Crowned?

Prince William Coronation Odds

  • Not Before 2027 -1500
  • 2025 +800
  • 2026 +1500
  • 2024 +2000

The above British Royal Family odds suggest that a King William reign will not become a reality until at least January 1, 2027, nearly three years from today. This is also something that gamblers need to keep in mind, as no payouts will occur for three years if you wager on that outcome.

Does this mean that King Charles’ diagnosis is not that serious? It could, but there’s also the possibility that oddsmakers believe that his superior healthcare services will extend his life beyond normal expectations, regardless of what type of cancer it is.

That said, there are some hefty payouts on the betting boards for wagers placed on a King William coronation occurring between 2024 and 2026. Placing a Royal Family bet on the year 2024 will payout at 20-to-1 if correct. 2025 will reward at 8-to-1 and 2026 is a 15x multiplier.

Other British Royal Family Prop Bets

Despite their seemingly rocky courtship, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are still married and committed to each other. Meghan and Harry betting odds have consistently focused on a separation or divorce, even before their wedding vows were uttered.

Harry & Meghan: Year Of Divorce

  • Not Before 2026 -500
  • 2024 +500
  • 2025 +900

Entertainment prop bets imply that the royal couple has at least 23 good months left before they call it quits. Even if they do end up getting a divorce, that does’t mean the betting odds will dissappear.

Remember the media spotlight that Princess Diana received following her departure from the British Royals? Now add smartphones into the hands of nearly every person on the planet and imagine the attention that will be devoted to a former Princess Meghan.

Bovada has the following series of special prop bets for Meghan and Harry. Members are invited to suggest custom wagers to Bovada’s team, and if accepted, the odds will be added to the list.

Harry & Meghan Specials

  • Harry & Meghan To Be Pictured On The 2024 Academy Awards Red Carpet -175
  • Harry & Meghan To Have Their Sussex Titles Removed In 2024 +400
  • Harry To Entirely Shave His Head In 2024 +700
  • Meghan To Become A UN Goodwill Ambassador Before 2025 +1400
  • Meghan/Archewell To Be Producer Of The Best Documentary Feature Oscar Winner By The 2026 Ceremony +2000
  • Meghan To Win An Acting Oscar By The 2026 Ceremony +2200
  • Meghan/Archewell To Be Producer Of An Outstanding Drama Series Emmy Winner By The 2026 Ceremony +2500
  • Meghan/Archewell To Be Producer Of The Best Picture Oscar Winner By The 2026 Ceremony +2800

The only outcome presented above that is favored to happen is an appearance on the Academy Awards red carpet on March 10th. Correctly betting on any other prop listed above will result in a payout of between 4x and 28x.


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