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Great Sports Betting Movies: Brewster’s Millions (1985)

Brewster's Millions 1985 Great Sports Betting Movies

Originally a novel penned by George Barr McCutcheon in 1902, Brewster’s Millions then became a stage play and has been adapted for the screen no less than 13 times as of 2021.

The Brewster’s Millions film adaption up for discussion today is the 1985 Walter Hill directed iteration starring legendary comedian Richard Pryor alongside co-star John Candy.

This is the story of Brewster (Pryor) who is invited to a will reading from a distant relative that is unbeknownst to him.

At the reading, his relative lays out the stipulations of an entertainment prop bet via prerecorded video that gives Brewster a choice. He has the option of accepting a $1 million inheritance and leaving, or he can enter into the prop bet challenge of spending $30 million in 30 days for the chance at a grand prize of $300 million. If Brewster fails, he receives nothing.

There are several stipulations involved in the expenditure of the $30 million. First, no one can know about the prop bet outside of the law firm that is handling the estate.

The second is, Brewster cannot own any assets based on the $30 million at the conclusion of the 30 days. All monies must be spent, and all services paid for must be rendered and complete.

Another element of the prop is that 5% can be lost gambling and another 5% can be given directly to charity. That’s $3 million right off the top, which really makes this a $27 million challenge.

$30 million is a lot easier to spend today than it was 36 years ago. However, that amount in 1985 dollars equates to roughly $75 million today.

Some of the activities that Brewster pursues in an effort to dispose of his fortune are as follows:

  • Running a deliberately unsuccessful campaign for NYC mayor
  • Purchasing expensive collectible stamps and using them to mail letters
  • Hiring the New York Yankees to compete against the minor league team that he plays for
  • Continuously redesigning a 30-day leased hotel suite using expensive staff

Entertainment betting encompasses pretty much every wagering category that does not include athletic competitions or political elections. This is the case until the category becomes popular enough to warrant its own section at online sportsbooks.

There are often several factors that can play into the outcome of entertainment odds. Although he doesn’t know it, Brewster is facing opposing entities that work at the law firm handling the estate.

Their hope is to secretly stash some monetary assets to the side so that Brewster’s total balance is above zero once the 30-day period expires. Watch to find out if Brewster can spend, and then earn, his millions, or walk away penniless.

The fact that Brewster’s Millions has seen so many adaptations over the years is evidence of its longevity and importance and easily places it among the greatest sports betting movies of all time.

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