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Expect The Unexpected As Big Brother Odds For Season 23 Debut At Online Sportsbooks

Big Brother Betting Odds For Season 23 2021
  • Big Brother Season 23 Airs On Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays At 8PM on CBS
  • Betting Odds For Big Brother Now Posted At Bovada
  • Grand Prize For BB 23 Winner Rises From $500K To $750K

Season 23 of Big Brother is underway on CBS, instigating online entertainment betting sites to produce betting odds that predict the eventual winner.

Julie Chen-Moonves returns to host once again, and this season has already offered up two twists that will significantly impact gameplay.

The first twist is that the sixteen contestants will at first be split up into four teams of four, with each of their fates tied together. For instance, the teammates of the Head of Household are protected for that given week, while another entire team is relegated to “have not” status.

Another major twist is that the grand prize has been increased from $500,000 to $750,000 for the first time in the history of the show. Considering the duration of the contest and the difficulty in attaining the prize, the additional funds are appropriate.

For those that are interested in betting on Big Brother, the following futures odds places Brent Champagne in the early top spot.

 Odds To Win Big Brother 23

  • Brent Champagne +700
  • Kyland Young +800
  • Xavier Prather +800
  • Tiffany Mitchell +850
  • Claire Rehfuss +900
  • Brandon French +1000
  • Derek Xiao +1000
  • Hannah Chaddha +1000
  • Travis Long +1000
  • Azah Awasum +1200
  • Christian Birkenberger +1200
  • Derek Frazier +1200
  • Alyssa Lopez +1400
  • Britini D’Angelo +1400
  • Whitney Williams +1400
  • Sarah Beth Steagall +1600

Champagne’s status as the number one overall BB 23 odds getter is likely due to his ability to smooth talk other houseguests and bring them in as confidants, despite his obvious muscular build and athletic physique.

Current HOH Brandon French is featured at sixth overall with a +1000 moneyline even though his current position of power and influence should grant him a greater advantage.

French has shown dominance over the early handful of competitions that have been held during Big Brother Season 23 thus far, however, he may have overplayed his hand and placed himself in the crosshairs of other houseguests.

The first Head of Household of the season has the ability to develop an early alliance, but French seems to have let the power go to his head and is asking too many questions of other contestants.

Unless someone in French’s group of four wins the next HOH competition, he could see himself on the chopping block as early as next week.

The following entertainment prop bet reveals an equal probability that the winner of Big Brother Season 23 will be a male or a female.

Big Brother 23 Gender Of Winner

  • Female -120
  • Male -120

While both outcomes feature the exact same probability according to the betting odds, the prior futures line does not align with this prediction.

The BB 23 futures includes three males at the top of the odds. Males also take up five out of the top seven, and seven out of the top nine spots.

With that said, the wise bet may be on a male to win Big Brother Season 23, and a wager of $120 will earn $100 if it happens on finale night.

Big Brother Betting Odds – Bovada Entertainment Sportsbook

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