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New Bovada Prop Builder Tool Adds Thousands Of Wagers To Every Big Game

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Bovada has really come out swinging in the second half of the year, which is appropriate given all of 2020’s delays to the sporting season.

If ever a doubling down were necessary for sportsbook operators in general, now’s the time.

Of course, the changes Bovada’s made are more Kansas City Chiefs than Washington Football Team. That is, they’re here for the long haul.

In addition to being the first legal online sportsbook to take PayPal and other P2P deposits (i.e. Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle) via its ingenious MatchPay service, Bovada now offers die-hard sports bettors a way to create their own props on all the most full-court pressing games of the day with a tool called “Prop Builder.”

Bovada’s new Prop Builder plugin allows the avid sports fan to do exactly what the feature implies.

Of course, as the US’ leading online bookmaker, Bovada Sportsbook already offers dozens if not hundreds of props on all the most popular players, teams, and games on the weekly sporting calendar, and that’s more than enough for many bettors.

However, sifting through 200+ Monday Night Football props can be a chore, as can buying points or crafting parlays to finagle the best possible payout on some obscure tandem or trio of off-the-radar bets.

The Bovada Prop Builder lets you bypass all that, giving you direct control over putting together the player and team props you want without having to hunt them down.

Even better, because of the granular, intricate nature of the Prop Builder, you can actually assemble thousands of different wagers and combinations for every featured athlete, team, or contest.

How Bovada Prop Builder Works

Let’s say you want to place a legal MLB bet on tonight’s Game 2 of the World Series between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Dodgers (8:08 PM, FOX). You could visit the Bovada Sportsbook, head over to the game lines, and sift through the 50-plus lines on offer.

You’ll get all the basic props you expect, including multiple spreads, 5-inning lines, odds on whether or not a run will be scored in the first inning, a yes/no on the game going extras, and so on. Basic stuff.

But if you use the Prop Builder function (which you can access from the game’s posting itself or from the dedicated Prop Builder tab in the “All Sports” menu), you can get literally thousands of permutations, all with a live betting calculator that shows how much you stand to win for every added variable you put into the mix.

For tonight’s game, if you use the Prop Builder, you’ll get interactive menus divided into multiple groups. The “Build” option is the most detailed menu where you can take a deep dive on any player or aspect of the game, while the “Quick Picks” option is effectively a lite version of the same.

Quick Picks lets you choose from the following categories:

  • Game Markets
  • Game Props
  • Performance Doubles
  • Hits
  • Home Runs
  • Total Bases
  • Hits + Runs + RBIs
  • Strikeouts
  • Head To Head
  • Parlays

Not every single player will be featured in the Prop Builder’s options, but all of the biggest names – and many of the established role players – will be selectable, as will the starting pitchers and most of the bullpens for both teams.

You can also select the “Over/Under” category in the Prop Builder, which isolates the prebuilt totals bets predicated on individual athlete performance.

In addition, any Prop Builder bet can be combined into a parlay by selecting the team you think will win, adding more potential winnings to your bottom line.

Assembling A Prop Bet Using Bovada Prop Builder

Most bettors will likely be satisfied with the Quick Picks option in Bovada’s Prop Builder, but the real fun – for the realest fans – comes via the customizable experience.

To build a prop from the ground up, click or tap on the aforementioned Build option, and then choose either the “Popular Players” tab or the game line itself. This opens up a menu related to your choice.

Here, we’re picking Cody Bellinger of the LA Dodgers.

Once Bellinger is selected, you can choose to build Stat Props, H2H (Head To Head) props, or Trios (which require you to add two more players to the wager). We’ll choose the Stat category.

In Game 1, Bellinger went 1-4 at the plate, with his only hit being a 4th inning two-run homer, so that will inform our bet for Game 2 (along with pitching matchups and other common variables most bettors are already familiar with).

We think Bellinger’s due for another moonshot, as well as an additional hit. Thus, we’ll choose the “Hits + Runs + RBIs” stat category, and we figure he’ll tally up four. (Each hit, run, and RBI counts as a point.) We can also take the over or under on this number.

Given our selection, Bovada has provided us with the odds for this pick. Right now, the Bellinger prop we’ve built pays out at +283.

If we add more bets to the betting ticket and create a parlay, of course, the payout will be even bigger. Pairing the Bellinger prop with a Dodgers win, for example, pays out at +425.

cody bellinger prop bet using bovada prop builder

Again, this is just one example for one sports market (in this case, the MLB).

The Prop Builder features the same kind of setup – with variables specific to each sport – for everything on tap for the day or the week (as with NFL betting lines).

All the leagues currently in play – both in the US and abroad – are featured in the Prop Builder, which means that today, the live markets include the MLB, NFL, Premier League soccer, UEFA Champions League soccer, Serie A soccer, the AFL, and NFL Sims.

Just remember, this menu will change by the day and the season, so you’ll get a different selection of betting markets just about every day of the year.

Other sports included in the Bovada Prop Builder that currently have no action are grayed out until their requisite betting lines go live.

NASCAR, college football, college basketball, the NBA, the NHL, La Liga soccer, and Bundesliga soccer are all included but inactive at the time of this writing, just to give you an idea of the quantity of options on tap.

Overall, the Bovada Prop Builder is a real game-changer.

No longer do you have to hunt and peck for the lines you like – you just select your options from the interactive menu, see the odds each one produces, and add the wager to your betting slip.

For entertainment bettors, props are the most sought-after kinds of wagers in any big game, and the Prop Builder feature at Bovada Sportsbook takes the hassle out of finding exactly what you want.

Best of all, the Prop Builder works just as smoothly and quickly on mobile as it does on Bovada’s desktop interface, so you pick your poison – or your antidote – whether you’re hunkered down at home or braving the COVIDs in the wild.

With the Prop Builder, Bovada’s got you.

So the only question is: Who do you got?

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