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Betting On The 2022 FIFA World Cup: Odds Favor Brazil, Argentina To Win

A member of Brazil's FIFA World Cup soccer team chasing the ball

This Sunday marks the beginning of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Tournament, bringing together the top national soccer teams across the planet to determine which country will hold the top honors for the next four years.

The FIFA World Cup Tournament is being held in Qatar, a peninsula nation inside of the Persian Gulf, attached to Saudi Arabia.

Legal online FIFA World Cup sportsbooks have created futures odds that allow for betting on the winner of the entire tournament.

2022 FIFA World Cup Odds To Win

  • Brazil +375
  • Argentina +500
  • France +700
  • England +900
  • Spain +900
  • Germany +1100
  • Netherlands +1400
  • Portugal +1400
  • Belgium +1600
  • Denmark +3000
  • Croatia +5500
  • Uruguay +5500
  • Senegal +10000
  • Serbia +10000
  • Switzerland +10000
  • USA +10000

The best aspect of betting on soccer early is that the potential payouts are massive, even for the favored club. For instance, the leading odds-getter right now is Brazil, with a +375 moneyline.

Soccer gamblers that bet on Brazil to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar right now can covert a $100 wager into a payout of $475 if they become the champions on December 18th.

For those that are more interested in FIFA betting lines for individual games, there are loads of them featured at the sites listed among our top-rated online sportsbook reviews.

2022 FIFA World Cup Betting: Brazil vs. Serbia

  • Brazil Point Spread*: -1.0, -1.5
  • Brazil Moneyline: -220
  • Serbia Point Spread*: +1.0, +1.5
  • Serbia Moneyline: +575
  • Draw: +360
  • Over/Under*: 2.5, 3.0

The above FIFA betting line includes two different sets of numbers for the point spread and over/under total. This betting element is unique to soccer wagering as it splits the amount risked on the spread or total and places it against both numbers.

Because scoring in international soccer is low, there is also a betting option for a draw. In the case of Serbia vs. Brazil, the odds of the match ending in a draw present a higher probability than Serbia losing the game outright.

The host country of Qatar is in action for the opening game this Sunday, with a line that features some of the most competitive odds on the board at the moment.

Ecuador vs. Qatar FIFA Betting Line

  • Ecuador Point Spread*: 0.0, -0.5
  • Ecuador Moneyline: -145
  • Qatar Point Spread*: 0.0, +0.5
  • Qatar Moneyline: +210
  • Draw: +210
  • Over/Under*: 2.0

Soccer gamblers that are looking for exponential payouts need to look no further than next Monday’s game that pits England against Iran.

FIFA Betting Line For England vs. Iran

  • England Point Spread*: -1.0, -1.5
  • England Moneyline: -280
  • Iran Point Spread*: +1.0, +1.5
  • Iran Moneyline: +900
  • Draw: +370
  • Over/Under*: 2.5, 3.0

FIFA bets of $100 on Iran’s moneyline odds to win will net $900 in gains if England loses next Monday. We advise not going overboard when laying action on FIFA underdogs, but Iran’s odds of winning are so improbable that placing a low-dollar hedge may be worth considering.

The top two teams from each grouping of four will advance to the “Round of 16” for the FIFA World Cup Tournament. This portion of the tournament begins on December 3, 2022.

Once the “Round of 16′ begins, it is lose or go home, leaving no room for error for the remaining FIFA teams.  The above FIFA futures can be bet upon right now, and we advise calling your shot early in order to secure the highest payouts possible.

Waiting until later on in the tournament to bet on the eventual FIFA World Cup Champions will not be as profitable as the moneyline futures will drop closer to even once oddsmakers get a better look at all teams involved.

FIFA World Cup Betting Odds – Bovada.LV

Source – Yahoo!

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