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BetOnline Adds Interac Payment Support For Canadian Sports Bettors

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BetOnline has been absolutely killing it in the sports betting banking arena over the last year or so.

They were the first major operator to accept the Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency, and they followed that up with Solana (SOL) support.

As two of the hottest crypto assets, it’s nice to be able to put ADA and SOL to good use as a mode of legal online bet funding.

However, there’s still some debate about just how smart a crypto investment Solana actually is.

While the benefits of using SOL for sports betting are obvious (i.e. lightning fast transfer times and the lowest native blockchain fees in the business), it’s not necessarily a better option for online gambling than coins like Cardano, Ripple, or Stellar.

On the trading and hodling side of things, the benefits are even less clear.

It’s true that Solana enjoyed huge growth over the last 12-15 months, increasing in value by nearly 20,000% at its all-time high.

However, it’s also seen a pretty significant drop from that ATH, and new crypto users might be put off by the price of a single Solana coin compared to the price of a single Cardano coin, Ripple coin, Stellar coin, etc.

Crypto users – particularly new crypto users – might also be put off by the fact that the Solana network seemingly has a history of going offline for extended periods of time.

The first time the SOL network went down was on September 14, 2021, and it stayed inaccessible to traders for 17 hours.

This morning, the Solana network went down again, reportedly as the result of a DDoS attack. That’s not a good look for any crypto platform.

As crypto enthusiasts ourselves, we therefore still think ADA’s the better buy.

But we’ve already covered all that at length in prior articles.

Today, the biggest news on the financial side of online sports betting is that BetOnline Sportsbook now supports Interac Online.

That said, if you live in the United States, Interac support is probably meaningless for you. However, if you live in Canada, this is potentially a pretty big deal.

Canadian sports bettors who are members at the following banks can use Interact to make deposits with BetOnline:

  • Royal Bank of Canada (RCB)
  • Bank of Montreal (BMO)
  • Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD)
  • Scotiabank (Scotia)

Additionally, various Canadian credit union members can also use the Interac platform to make sports betting deposits, provided the cards issued by said CUs do not feature Visa or Mastercard logos.

No card co-badged with the Visa or MC logos will work with Interac at BetOnline.

As far as limits, Interac deposits have a $20 minimum and $2500 maximum, and you’re able to claim all standard BetOnline sports betting bonus options.

Note: While SportsBetting AG is a sister site of BetOnline, SportsBetting AG does not currently offer Interac support. We expect this to change in the near future, as BetOnline is typically the first to roll out new payment methods before other brands under the same umbrella follow suit. Additionally, players in the United States may not see the Interac deposit option if they log in from US-based servers, even if their account was initially created in Canada.  

Unrelatedly, we recently came across a betting line that probably merits its own story, but we feel compelled to include it here regardless, because it makes absolutely zero sense:

The Iron Sheik is now featured on Bovada’s Presidential election odds boards.

The Rock has much better chances to win, but who wouldn’t want this guy to be President? He absolutely loves America!

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