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Bet On Gas Price Odds At Tourist Hotspots Around The Country

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This summer, gas prices continue to elevate around the country causing financial hardship to families trying to make ends meet and perhaps scrap together a road trip for a vacation.

The gas price spike is impacting all world markets that involve shipping of any kind, so the ripples are being felt even by those that aren’t required to make frequent trips to the gas pump.

Online sportsbook MyBookie is now offering its members the chance to enhance their summer vacation budgets by winning some money betting on gas prices around the country.

The following entertainment prop bets ask for gamblers to correctly select whether the price of gas will be above or below a set total by July 6th.

First up is the price of gas on the Las Vegas Strip. With the tourist activity and remote desert location, the Vegas strip would figure to be some of the most expensive gas in the United States.

The following odds for betting on current events have set the line at $5.65. Prices will be checked on on July 6th to determine which side wins.

Las Vegas Strip – Shell Station gas price on 8/6/2022 – (4207 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119)

  • Over $5.65 per gallon -120
  • Under $5.65 per gallon -120

Easily the highest gas price projections on the board belong to the state of California with estimates well north of $6 per gallon in the days following the July 4th weekend.

West Hollywood – Shell Station gas price on 8/6/2022 – (8020 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046)

  • Over $6.40 per gallon -120
  • Under $6.40 per gallon -120

World Tallest Thermometer – Chevron price on 8/6/2022 – (72922 Baker Blvd, Baker, CA 92309)

  • Over $6.90 per gallon -120
  • Under $6.90 per gallon -120

Texas seems to be facing political turmoil coming from every possible angle as the summer months approach, but leave it to Buc-ee’s, the Wal-Mart-sized chain of gas stations that dot the roadsides of the Longhorn State, to sport the lowest gas prices on the boards.

If you’re reading this and have yet to experience Buc-ee’s, be sure to stop in one the next time you’re anywhere between Texas and Georgia and try the pulled brisket sandwich.

First Texas Buc-ee’s Station – Buc-ee’s Gas price on 8/6/2022 – (899 Oyster Creek Dr, Lake Jackson, TX 77566) 

  • Over $4.60 per gallon -120
  • Under $4.60 per gallon -120

Much of the blame for the high gas prices has been laid on the shoulders of President Joe Biden. Entertainment betting sites are suggesting that the price of fuel right down the street from the White House will be just over $5 per gallon in a few days’ time.

Closest Gas Station White House – Falcone Fuel Station price on 8/6/2022 – (1301 13th St NW, Washington, DC 20005) 

  • Under $5.20 per gallon -130
  • Over $5.20 per gallon +100

For families intent on traveling to Disney World in Orlando, Florida this summer, you’re in for some decent gas prices even if you are foolish enough to wait until just before the entrance gates to Magic Kingdom to top off the tank.

Closest Gas Station Disney World – Speedway price on 8/6/2022 – (300 E Buena Vista Dr & Epcot Resorts Blvd, Florida 32830) 

  • Over $4.65 per gallon -120
  • Under $4.65 per gallon -120

Illinois is another state that is threatening to cross the $6 per gallon mark this July, with Chicago gas stations poised to beat the prices posted in Hawaii.

Closest Station Wrigley Field – Circle K Station price on 8/6/2022 – (801 W Addison St. Chicago, IL 60613) 

  • Over $5.80 per gallon -120
  • Under $5.80 per gallon -120

Closest Station Pearl Harbor – Texaco Station price on 8/6/2022 – (4561 Salt Lake Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96818)

  • Over $5.50 per gallon -120
  • Under $5.50 per gallon -120

If you’d like to enhance your summer vacation budget with the above gas price odds, be sure to do so soon because the odds can and will shift and so will the payout potential.

Gas Price Betting Odds: MyBookie

Source: CBS News

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