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Arizona Sports Betting Kicks Off in September, How Grand!

Arizona Sports Betting

In light of a newly signed Arizona Gaming Compact, sports bettors of The Copper State can look forward to placing in-person wagers as soon as September. The legislation has provisions for up to 10 licenses delegated towards sports teams and 10 mobile licenses for the state’s tribes.

What Is Included in the Legislation?

The gaming compact also includes 10 “limited” licenses available to horse-tracks and other betting sites who wish to partner with a local, license-holding tribe or sports team.

While the Arizona sportsbook legislation is geared to prioritize tribal betting operations, the compact includes measures for commercial collaboration. Gila River Hotels and Casinos will partner with both the Arizona Cardinals and BetMGM to deliver mobile sports betting to state residents.

In deliberation over this gaming compact, Gilas River also managed to secure a fourth casino site. However, the new casino is not expected to open its doors until later in 2022.

Be sure to note that the AZ gaming industry will not be overtaken by BetMGM and the Cardinals. FanDuel is already in the process of developing its Phoenix-based sportsbook.

The land-based FanDuel sportsbook will be available at the Footprint Center in downtown Phoenix. The location is not only in one of the state’s largest social hubs but will also be backed by both the Suns and Mercury brands.

What to Expect in AZ

Legal sports betting in Arizona is no longer the content of some sick fever dream.

By allowing the entrance of the nation’s most recognizable brands, Arizona is actively investing in its state’s economy and infrastructure.

State-based sports betting serves as a huge investment for the athletics industry, driving up viewership and engagement across all sports. This money also trickles down to local businesses, increasing tourism and associated spending throughout the state.

Arizona lawmakers are fully aware of these benefits, expediting the process to allow for sports betting beginning September 9, 2021. This date is just in time for the start of the NFL’s regular season.

Keeping Your Betting Options Open

Nonetheless, it is unclear which sportsbooks will be open by this date and if they will be running at full capacity. While Arizonans should be good to place their bets come kickoff, they should be mindful with their money.

Feel free to take a stroll on the town when the bookie opens, but always remember to shop the odds. There are several reputable offshore sportsbook brands with varying odds across a sea of unique betting lines.

Whatever state you’re in, there’s a trustworthy sportsbook out there for you. Stick around and check out our resources. We’ve got legal guides, reviews, and all the news you need!

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