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AI Profit Dispute Puts Hollywood On Strike And Issues Entertainment Betting Odds

SAG strike betting odds

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) has announced they will join nearly 11,000 writers and strike after failed negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers. 

The two unions still need to agree on a fair monetary split and safeguards concerning artificial intelligence (AI) rights. The SAG union worries about minimum contract agreements for their talent, the industry’s ability to keep up with inflation, and growing concerns against AI mimicking or replacing their work.

AI Raises Concerns In Hollywood

The recent AI tech explosion has transcended borders and has Hollywood actors crying foul as they are concerned that their likeness could be used without proper compensation. In recent films, facial replacement AI has allowed actors to wear the face of other actors. Companies like DeepVoodoo (Trey Parker/Matt Stone) are also working to revive deceased movie stars for upcoming productions. 

DeepVoodoo says that the new technology will not replace jobs but allow actors and producers to do their jobs cheaper, easier, and faster. The new technology has been used in music videos, blockbuster movies, and recent television series.

Betting On The SAG Strike

Legal entertainment betting sites have already posted odds concerning the strike and when it could end. Online you will find tons of entertainment odds on everything from televised awards shows to popular recurring series, and our Hollywood betting guide is a great place to start. 

A Hollywood strike will only happen once or twice in a lifetime, and bettors can score some extra cash by laying down some money on the action. Below are some odds you will find concerning the SAG strike at Bovada’s online sportsbook.

When will SAG end the strike?

  • 7th August Or Later +115
  • 31st July To 6th August +350
  • 24th To 30th July +350
  • 17th To 23rd July +300
  • 15th To 16th July +500 
  • Before 15th July +800

(SAG statement on the date of the first cessation of official strike after July 13th, 2023.)

Will Comic-Con Happen On July 23rd 2023?

  • Yes EVEN
  • No -140

Will The Emmys Ceremony Happen On September 18th 2023?

  • Yes -1200
  • No +550

Odds via Bovada

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