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USA vs. Iran Betting Preview: FIFA Odds Suggest United States Moves On

USA Soccer Team standing during the National Anthem

Tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 PM EST, Team USA will face Iran in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Tournament, where they can earn entrance to the round of 16 if they win.

Online FIFA World Cup betting sites have posted Iran vs. USA lines, with the consensus being a United States victory.

Iran vs. USA Betting Odds

  • Spread: Iran +o.5, USA -0.5
  • Moneyline Odds To Win: Iran +275, USA +105
  • Draw: +245
  • Over/Under: 2.0, 2.5

International soccer matches typically feature very low scores so pay more attention to the moneyline odds to win than the point spread when evaluating potential winners and losers.

For instance, the most favorable odds on the board that legal soccer betting sites have posted for USA vs. Iran is the +105 moneyline on a United States victory.

The longest odds, or most unlikely to occur, is Iran winning the game at +275.

If the United States wins, they’ll leap Iran in the FIFA World Cup standings for Group B. That will qualify Team USA for a spot in the round of 16, the final portion of the tournament where all games are single-elimination.

Group B Standings

  • England 1-0-1
  • Iran 1-1-0
  • USA 0-0-2
  • Wales 0-1-1

USA’s first two FIFA games resulted in ties, but another draw will eliminate them from the 2022 World Cup. There is a +245 moneyline on Iran vs. the United States ending in a tie, paying out at $2.45 in net gains for each dollar risked on that outcome.

While soccer oddsmakers are leaning toward a USA win tomorrow, some of the betting sites included in our online sportsbook reviews have posted props that suggest the United States may not be among the final 16 teams.

Group B Winner Odds

  • England -1600
  • Iran +1300
  • USA +1400
  • Wales +25000

To Advance from Group B

  • England -50000
  • USA -125
  • Iran -105
  • Wales +2500

Iran’s odds to advance from Group B are in the negative (-105), but the moneyline on the USA is 20 points lower (-125).

If USA beats Iran and England loses to Wales, then the United States would win Group B outright. Wagers made on that outcome right now can earn 14-to-1 net payouts, but England is a near-certain winner according to current FIFA odds.

Wales vs. England Betting Line

  • Spread: Wales +1/+1.5, England -1/-1.5
  • Moneyline Odds To Win: Wales +600, England -230
  • Draw: +360
  • Over/Under: 2.5

The point spreads above are split into two numbers because the bet total will be split and wagered equally on both outcomes. This is a unique element of soccer betting due to the low overall scoring in FIFA matches.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Futures

  • Brazil +250
  • France +550
  • Spain +650
  • Argentina +750
  • England +1000
  • Germany +1200
  • Netherlands +1400
  • Portugal +1400
  • Belgium +4000
  • Denmark +6000
  • Uruguay +6000
  • Croatia +6600
  • Ecuador +10000
  • Morocco +10000
  • Serbia +10000
  • Switzerland +10000
  • Poland +15000
  • Senegal +15000
  • USA +15000
  • Japan +20000
  • Australia +25000
  • Mexico +25000
  • Saudi Arabia +25000
  • South Korea +25000
  • Iran +35000
  • Cameroon +50000
  • Ghana +50000
  • Wales +50000
  • Costa Rica +75000
  • Tunisia +75000

While Team USA is a slim favorite to reach the round of 16, their overall FIFA World Cup futures odds to win are set at a dismal +15000. These probabilities roughly translate to a 1% chance of becoming the 2022 FIFA World Cup champions, but will payout at 150-to-1 if wagers are placed right now.

Team USA has never made it to a FIFA World Cup final, so perhaps they’re due! The oddsmakers say nay, but a championship is bound to happen eventually.

FIFA World Cup Betting Odds: Bovada Sportsbook

Source – CBS Sports

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