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Trump Indictment Odds Suggest One Or More Guilty Counts In New York Hush Money Case

Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels at the beach

The jury selection process continues today, as seven members have already been chosen to decide the fate of former President Donald J. Trump in what has become known as his New York hush money trial. Proceedings could begin as early as next Monday if selections continue to move at the current pace.

Prior to Trump’s ascension to the White House in 2016, two alleged payments were made to Stormy Daniels (an adult film actress) and Karen McDougal (a Playboy playmate) in exchange for their silence regarding his extra-marital affairs with each of them.

The criminal activity centers around where the money for these payments was sourced. If the President knowingly made these payments to Daniels and McDougal using campaign funds, he could be found guilty of one or more felony counts.

Why? Because the payments were reported erroneously in business filings for that fiscal year.

Political indictment betting sites have created Trump props for each of his current judicial challenges. The following Trump odds imply that he will definitely be found guilty of at least one felony charge in his New York trial.

Will Donald Trump Be Found Guilty Of One Or More Felonies In New York?

  • Yes -1200
  • No +600

To give readers an idea of how certain legal election betting sites are about his pending guilty verdict, a wager of $1 on Trump coming out of this trial unscathed will earn net profits of $6.

Of the four cases Trump is currently facing (the hush money trial in New York, the Georgia election tampering case, his classified documents trial, and the federal election interference charges), this one has the highest probability of a guilty outcome.

Trump has already suffered heavy legal losses. The outcome of a recent civil fraud case requires Trump to fork over $355 million, which may force him to liquidate one or more of his high-profile properties.

Political prop bets suggest that the most likely piece of Trump’s portfolio to hit the market will be his Seven Springs Estate in New York.

Which Properties Will Donald Trump Lose By Court Order?

  • Seven Springs Estate, New York +140
  • 40 Wall Street, Manhattan +200
  • Trump Tower Triplex, Manhattan +450
  • Aberdeenshire Golf Course, Scotland +700
  • Trump Park Avenue, Manhattan +800
  • Mar-A-Lago, Florida +1000

Trump’s attorneys are expected to appeal the civil fraud case’s decision, but before that can happen, Donald must repay the $355 million.

“I would be forced to mortgage or sell Great Assets, perhaps at Fire Sale prices, and if and when I win the Appeal, they would be gone. Does that make sense?”

Donald Trump (excerpt from a March 19th post on Truth Social)

The NY trial is expected to last into early June, concluding well before election day this November 5th.


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