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Shooting Prompts Betting On Drake And Kendrick Lamar Beef

police outside of Drake's Toronto home

Fueds in the music industry are nothing new, especially in the hip-hop genre. Rap music lends itself to talking trash to opponents, and there have been some historic beefs that have ended in bloodshed.

SBL Sports Betting Hall of Fame member Drake has an ongoing squabble with Kendrick Lamar. They have amped up their rivalry in recent weeks. Following over a decade’s worth of diss tracks issued at each other, their conflict may be spilling over into the streets.

Yesterday morning in Toronto, an unidentified person shot a security guard outside of Drake’s home. The shooting victim is undergoing treatment and is expected to recover.

The shooter was seen fleeing the area in a vehicle but has not been apprehended at this time. Although there is no direct evidence that ties any of these activities to the situation between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, public speculation is rising regarding the heat between the two camps.

“It is so early in the investigation that we don’t have a motive at this time…”

Paul Krawczyk – Toronto Police Service

Entertainment sportsbooks are cashing in on this conjecture as there are prop bets that feature outcomes tied to both Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

Drake Prop Bets (BetOnline)

  • @champagnepapi over 150M Followers by 1st July +250
  • To confirm ‘secret daughter’ by 1st July 2024 +300
  • To shave off beard by 1st July +300
  • To issue legal proceedings against Kendrick Lamar in 2024 +600
  • To make a song with Kendrick Lamar in 2024 +2000
  • To have an exhibition fight in 2024 +15000

The only entertainment prop bets that we’ve found that are directly tied to both performers are contained in the above line. The odds for Drake pursuing legal action against Lamar before December 31, 2024, are low.

Even lower are the chances of Lamar and Drake creating a song together before the end of the year. Online sportsbooks are willing to pay gamblers $20 on a $1 bet if the two record a track in 2024.

Coachella Music Festival Odds For 2025’s Friday Headliner

  • Billie Eilish +550
  • Bad Bunny +650
  • Doja Cat +650
  • Beyoncé +850
  • The XX +850
  • SZA +850
  • Kendrick Lamar +950

Singer Billie Eilish is favored to be the Friday headliner for Coachella in 2025. Lamar is ranked seventh, but Drake is not a part of this prop, as he headlined Coachella back in 2015.

Super Bowl Halftime Props For 2025 Performer

  • Lil Wayne +250
  • Taylor Swift +200
  • Drake +900
  • Kendrick Lamar +3000

Both Lamar and Drake are featured in the Super Bowl Halftime Show prop bet, but they are well behind Taylor Swift and Lil Wayne, the two front-runners. Swifties can also rejoice in her heavily favored status as the projected winner of Spotify’s Top Global Artist for 2024.

Spotify’s Top Global Artist In 2024

  • Taylor Swift -520
  • Drake +1500

These prop bets are posted now but can be removed without notice.


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