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Ron DeSantis Finally Announces His 2024 Presidential Bid – Trails Biden And Trump In The Odds

Ron DeSantis declares his intentions to run for President in 2024

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced his intentions to run for President in 2024, ending months of speculation on whether he would enter the race. Online political betting sites have posted 2024 Presidential Election odds that project who the winning candidate will be, and things aren’t looking good for DeSantis.

2024 US Presidential Election Odds

  • Joe Biden +160
  • Donald Trump Sr. +250
  • Ron DeSantis +450

Current President Joe Biden leads the election odds, with Donald Trump trailing by 90 points in the moneyline. Governor DeSantis is in a distant third with a +450 moneyline that suggests he has an 18% likelihood of winning.

Once the future darling of the GOP, now it appears that DeSantis may need Trump to suffer a conviction in one of his many legal cases to become the top candidate in the Republican Party for 2024.

Republican Candidate

  • Donald Trump -190
  • Ron DeSantis +250
  • Nikki Haley +3500
  • Tim Scott +4000
  • Tucker Carlson +5000
  • Mike Pence +6000

The odds for betting on Presidential candidates favor Trump to become the Republican Party nominee, this time leading by 240 points. Last November, when Trump announced his 2024 candidacy, DeSantis was leading the odds across the board for the GOP nomination and the White House.

Here are the political betting odds that were posted at Bovada.LV the day Trump declared his candidacy.

US Presidential Election 2024 Winner

  • Ron DeSantis +235
  • Donald Trump Sr. +350
  • Joe Biden +400

What happened? Is the continued DeSantis vs. Disney debacle swaying voters and bettors to other options? Has his culture war turned constituents sour across the country?

The FL Governor rose to national prominence due to his early rollback of COVID-19 restrictions, a gamble that paid off well and earned him a landslide reelection victory in 2022.

One element to keep in mind is that Republican voters are currently split due to the inclusion of two popular candidates. Once the GOP Primaries have concluded and there’s only one politician left standing, Republican voters will likely galvanize and support the nominee.

At that time, the odds will likely draw much closer to even between the Democratic and GOP candidate. For evidence of this, check out this betting line that is taking action on the winning political party in 2024.

US Presidential Election 2024 – Winning Party

  • Democratic -110
  • Republican -110
  • Any Other +4000

When you boil it down to the DNC vs. GOP in 2024, they’re in a dead heat with identical odds to win. Similar probabilities can be found when shopping the lines at our top sites offering political prop bets.

Becoming the President guarantees that you’ll be portrayed on Saturday Night Live often. That means an SNL actor will be designated to play DeSantis, guaranteeing the comedian four more years of employment if Ron wins the Presidency.

This prop bet places James Austin Johnson as the most likely SNL cast member to take up the reigns for DeSantis.

Who will play Ron DeSantis first on SNL Season 49?

  • James Austin Johnson +125
  • Colin Jost +175
  • Andrew Dismukes +800
  • Mikey Day +800
  • Marcello Hernandez +1000
  • Michael Longfellow +1200
  • Molly Kearney +1600
  • Heidi Gardner +2000

James Austin Johson holds a slim lead over Colin Jost, but have a look at their images below and gauge for yourself.

Colin Jost of Saturday Night Live

Colin Jost

James Austin Johnson Saturday Night Live

James Austin Johnson

Based on appearance alone, Jost should be awarded the role. If you agree, bet on it and win before SNL Season 49 debuts this fall.

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