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New York Considers Season Long Prop Bets And Coin Toss Odds

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Domestic sports betting has spread to 38 US states and Washington, D.C., but two of the top four most populated regions have yet to join the party. New York and Florida are now enjoying the spoils of domestic sportsbooks, but it could be years before California and Texas finalize the legalization process.

Even in states where sports betting is legal, there is often additional legislative work to do. For instance, New York permits local sports betting using mobile sportsbook apps, online gambling sites, and in-person locations.

Anyone 21 or older can partake in these avenues for legal sports betting in New York, but the types of wagers that can be made are limited.

NY S08777 is a bill that intends to legalize coin toss prop bets, season-long props, and odds for award winners, greatly expanding the gambling potential in the Empire State.

The bill was introduced yesterday by Senator Joe Addabbo, who is a major proponent of all types of gambling. He currently has other bills circulating intent on legalizing online poker in New York.

If passed, the bill would amend current sports betting law in NY to include:

  • single-game bets
  • teaser bets
  • parlays
  • over-under bets
  • money line bets
  • betting pools
  • in-game wagering
  • in-play bets
  • in-game prop bets
  • season-long proposition bets
  • straight bets
  • season award winners
  • coin toss bets

Super Bowl coin toss betting is one of the more popular props for the big game each year. The attraction of betting on the coin toss is mostly due to where the event occurs during the game – the beginning.

While the SB coin toss is the flip that gets the most attention, Senate Bill 08777 would allow for wagers to be made on the pre-game toss for any pro or college contest. However, NCAA coin toss bets involving local colleges may be negated due to current law, as no gambling can occur if one of the competing teams resides within NY.

The NYS Gaming Commission has ultimate decision power on whether a coin toss bet will be accepted.

Another provision that is included in 08777 is an allowance for award winner prop bets. This is open-ended language that we interpret to include the likes of:

  • Most Valuable Player Odds
  • Offensive And Defensive Player Of The Year
  • Offensive And Defensive Rookie Of The Year
  • Coach Of The Year
  • Heisman Trophy Odds
  • Cy Young Winners

The limit of this category will be decided on a per wager basis by the commission.


New York State Assembly – S08777

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