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Happy Gilmore 2, Toy Story 5, Entertainment Odds & Props For 2024

Happy Gilmore 2 betting lines

Online sportsbooks have been offering entertainment future odds since betting over the internet became popular in the early 2000s. Today, online sports betting odds and entertainment betting props are more accessible than ever, with legal online gambling sites offering a plethora of wagering options for upcoming movie releases, streaming series, and reality competitions.

Below, we will look at select entertainment odds featured for the summer of 2024 and discuss how you can lay down some action and, if you are lucky, watch the money roll in.

Happy Gilmore 2 Odds

Golf iconIt has been 28 years since Bob Barker unloaded on Adam Sandler in the now classic “Happy Gilmore” movie. Due to its cult classic relevance and box office success, Sandler is returning to finish Happy Gilmore’s story and give fans a little more of the Sandman they love.

USA Today has confirmed that Happy Gilmore 2 is on its way and is slated for a Netflix release. No release date has been confirmed, but Sandler has discussed the script and mentioned that Dan Patrick will appear in Happy Gilmore 2 as himself. Besides that, no one besides Sandler has been confirmed for the sequel.

Below are the odds for Happy Gilmore 2 from Bovada’s online sportsbook.

Happy Gilmore 2: Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score After One Month

  • 80% Or Over +125
  • Under 80% -165

Happy Gilmore 2: To Appear In The Movie

  • Dan Patrick -5000
  • Rob Schneider -2500
  • Allen Covert -1000
  • Ben Stiller -400
  • Steve Buscemi -175
  • Tiger Woods -150
  • Drew Barrymore -120
  • John Daly EVEN
  • Henry Winkler +175
  • Tim Meadows +175
  • Bill Murray +200
  • Billy Idol +200
  • Rickie Fowler +400
  • Will Ferrell +450
  • Bryson De Chambeau +500
  • Kevin James +800
  • Chris Rock +1000
  • Kristen Wiig +1000
  • Melissa McCarthy +1000
  • Rory McIlroy +1000
  • Vince Vaughn +1000
  • Jack Black +1200
  • Amy Poehler +1500
  • Chevy Chase +1500
  • Maya Rudolph +1500
  • Owen Wilson +1500
  • Jamie Dornan +3000
  • Simon Pegg +4000
  • Tom Cruise +4000
  • Daniel Radcliffe +5000
  • Mike Tindall +10000

Who wins the final showdown?

  • Happy Gilmore  -2000
  • Shooter McGavin +750

Happy Gilmore 2: Will Christopher McDonald Return As Shooter McGavin?

  • Yes -4000
  • No +900

Toy Story Odds

Who can forget Andy, Woody, and Bo Peep? No one; that’s why a fifth release in the Toy Story series is in production and set to see the big screen in June of 2026.

The Toy Story franchise has been a massive success spanning over four decades since its release in 1995. The last installment, Toy Story 4, was released in 2019 and raked in over $1.073 billion at the box office worldwide.

Below are the current odds of Toy Story 5 from Bovada.

To Be Killed Off In Toy Story 5

  • Buzz Lightyear +1200
  • Woody +1100
  • Bo Peep +1000
  • Andy +800
  • Rex +1000
  • Hamm +1000
  • Slinky Dog +1000
  • Stinky Pete +1200
  • Jessie +1500

When Will Toy Story 5 Be Released?

  • 2026 Or Before -700
  • 2027 Or Later +400

More Entertainment Odds For 2024

Happy Gilmore and Toy Story aren’t the only classics looking to return to the big screen; other movies, such as Beetlejuice and The Matrix, are both looking for big box office numbers. In addition to film and television, entertainment odds also include award shows such as the upcoming Academy Awards, BAFTA awards, Razzie’s, Emmy Awards, and Golden Globes.

The legal online sports betting sites we review all feature a robust entertainment section with odds that can be wagered today. When betting on entertainment odds, it is important to note that future odds can sometimes take months to hit as release dates get pushed back.

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